Interruptores magnéticos de segurança sem contato


Interruptores magnéticos de segurança sem contato | LMR-LPR-Series

Interruptores magnéticos de segurança sem contato

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  • Comutação magnética de alta potência até 1 A
  • Volt sem contato
  • Estabilidade a altas temperaturas
  • Wide Sensing em 12 mm (0,47 ") com alta tolerância ao desalinhamento da proteção
  • Operará com a maioria dos relés de segurança
  • Pode ser de alta pressão com alta temperatura devido a NEMA PW12 (IP69K)
  • P para: PLe ISO13849-1
  • 2 NC 1 NO Circuitos-Alta Vida de comutação-Sem peças móveis
  • LMR Série: 316 SS Corpo Espelho Polido para Ra4-Adequado para CIP e SIP Limpeza-Alimentos Splash Zonas EHEDG Diretrizes
  • Série de LPR: carcaça elevada do poliéster da especificação com placa traseira integral
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The LMR and LPR Series magnetic non-contact safety switches with European industry standard fitting have been designed to enable the conformance to EN60947-5-3 and be used as directed by ISO12100, ISO14121 and EN60204-1. They have magnetic sensing which provides a wide sensing distance and provides a high tolerance to misalignment after sensing. They can operate from 4 directions even in extreme environments of temperature and moisture. They have volt free high power switching capability and can be used independently to switch low risk applications or connect to a safety relay to provide higher safety levels. When used in combination with most dual channel safety monitoring relays they can be used to provide up to PLe/Category 4 to ISO13849-1.

LMR and LPR Series magnetic non-contact safety switches are designed to interlock hinged, sliding or removable guard doors. LMR Series stainless steel safety switches have been designed for applications in the food processing, pharmaceutical, packaging and petrochemical industries. LPR Series switches have been developed for applications in general factory automation, packaging and some food processing industries.

They are specifically advantageous when:
     Poor guard alignment exists and a wide tolerance to misalignment is required
     High levels of hygiene is a requirement, e.g. high pressure chemical or water hosing in the food industry environment
     Environments where high switching capacity is a requirement

Standards: ISO14119, EN60947-5-1, EN60204-1, ISO13849-1, EN62061, UL508
Safety Classification and Reliability Data:
    Mechanical Reliability B10d: 3.3 x 106 operations at 100 mA load
    ISO13849-1: Up to PLe Category 4 depending upon system architecture
    EN62061: Up to SIL3 depending upon system architecture
    Safety Data - Annual Usage: 8 cycles per hour/24 hours per day/365 days
PFHd: 2.52 x 10-8
Proof Test Interval (Life): 47 years
MTTFd: 470 years
Safety Channel 1 NC: Voltage free, 250 Vac 1.0 A max rating
Safety Channel 2 NC: Voltage free, 250 Vac 1.0 A max rating
Safety Channel 3 NO: Voltage free, 24 Vdc 0.2 A max rating
Fuse: Internal 1.0 A (F); External 0.8 A (F) (User)
Contact Release Time: <2 ms
Initial Contact Resistance: <500 mΩ
Minimum Switched Current: 10 Vdc, 1 mA
Dielectric: Withstand 250 Vac
Insulation Resistance: 100 MΩ
Recommended Setting Gap: 5 mm (0.2")
Switching Distance: Sao 10 mm (0.4") Close
(Target to Target): Sar 20 mm (0.8") Open
Tolerance to Misalignment: 5 mm (0.2") in any direction from 5 mm (0.2") setting gap
Switching Frequency: 1.0 Hz maximum
Approach Speed: 200 mm/min to 1000 mm/sec
Body Material:
    LMR Series: 316 SS mirror polished finish to Ra4
    LPR Series: UL approved polyester
Operating Temperature:
    LMR Series (CIP SIP Cleaning): -25 to 105°C (-13 to 221°F)
    LPR Series: -25 to 80°C (-13 to 176°F)
Enclosure Protection: NEMA PW12 (IP69K), NEMA 6 (IP67)
Shock Resistance: IEC68-2-27; 11 ms, 30 g
Vibration Resistance: IEC68-2-6; 10 to 55 Hz, 1 mm
Cable Type: PVC 6 core, 6 mm (0.23") OD; conductors, 0.25 mm2
Mounting Bolts: 2 x M4; tightening torque, 1.0 Nm
Mounting Position: Any
Dimensions: See dimensional drawing
Weight (of Switch, Actuator and Cable):
    LMR Series: 435 g (0.96 lb) with 5 m (16.4'') cable; 685 g (1.51 lb) with 10 m (32.8'') cable
    LPR Series: 330 g (0.73 lb) with 5 m (16.4'') cable; 580 g (1.28 lb) with 10 m (32.8'') cable
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