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Product Manuals

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Models Beginning With I

   Model  Description Manual NO. Revision Date
i Server (Older Version) Ethernet Server M3634 0702
I-7513-SERIES I-7513-SERIES _Manual I-7513 Quickstart 9/30/2020
I-7520-Series I-7520-Series_Manual I-7000 Series Manual 9/30/2020
I-7561-SERIES I-7561-SERIES _Manual I-7000 Series Manual 9/30/2020
iBTX and iBTHX Transmitter für barometrischen Druck, Temperatur, Feuchte und Taupunkt M4221-DE 0107
iBTX and iBTHX Barometric Pressure, Temperature + Humidity iServer M4221 0113
iBTX-M Barometric Pressure + Temperature M4223 0806
iBTX-M v3.0 Barometric Pressure + Temperature (Firmware Version 3.0) M4223_IBTX-M_VER3 0809
iBTX-SD i®Server MicroServer(tm) Barometric Pressure +Temperature M4821 0213
IC-11 Series Interface Converter M-IC-11 1104
ICN77000 French Version - Newport - MICRO-INFINITY Contrôleurs Série ICN77000 M2491_FR 0796
IDP Indicateur de process INFINITYTM D (French Version) M12160FR 1200
IDP, DP24-E Czech Version - Newport - Process Meter, OMEGA model DP24-E MQS1866_CZ 0701
iDR Controller DIN Rail Temperature & Process M4161 0206
iDR Controller DIN Rail Temperature & Process Controller Quick Start Manual MQS3849 0206
iDR and iDR-AL iDR DIN Rail Temperature & Process Quick Start Manual MQS3848 0206
iDR and iDR-AL Monitor and Limit Alarm DIN Rail Temperature & Process M4160 0206
iDRA Controller DIN Rail Temperature/Process M4165 0206
iDRA DIN Rail Temperature and Process Controller Quick Start Manual MQS3853 0206
iDRA DIN Rail Temperature Monitor Quick Start Manual MQS3852 0206
iDRA and iDRA0x-AL DIN Rail Temperature/Process Monitor and Limit Alarm M4164 0206
iDR-EIT/C4EIT -EIT/C4EIT Option - Embedded Ethernet DIN Rail Temperature-Process Controller M5023 0313
iDRN-ACC AC Current Signal Conditioner M2532 0404
iDRN-ACV AC Current Signal Conditioner M2533 0304
iDRN-FP Frequency/Pulse Signal Conditioner M2534 0106
iDRN-PR Process Signal Conditioners M2535 0704
iDRN-PS-1000 Universal Switching Power Supply M2540 0202
iDRN-RTD RTD Input Signal Conditioner M2536 0404
iDRN-ST Strain Gauge Signal Conditioner M2537 0304
iDRN-TC Thermocouple Input Signal Conditioner M2538 0204
iDRX Series Communication Manual for iDRX Signal Conditioner Series iDRX Signal Conditioner Series M2539 0909
IDT French Version - Indicateur de tableau INFINITYTM D Entrées thermocouple M2342_FR 0896 Rev.B
IF-001-SERIES Manual IF-001 IF-002 M5757_0223  
IF-002-Series IF-002-Series_manual IF-002 QSG 8/7/2020
iFPX Zähler mit TCP/IP-Ausgang M4051-DE 0207
iFPX Internet Counter M4051 0113
iLD - Großanzeiger mit programmierbarer Displayfarbe Universaleingang für Temperatur/Prozess M3717-DE 0602
iLD - Reglerausführung mit programmierbarer Displayfarbe Universaleingang für Temperatur/Prozess M3716-DE 0602
iLD Big Display Universal Strain&Process Monitor Manual M3718 0503
iLD Big Display Series Controller Big Display Temperature&Process Controller Manual M3716 0204
iLD RS Series Big Display with Serial Communication MQS3722 1101
iLD Series iLD Big Display Monitor/Controller Embedded Ethernet M2542 0606
iLD Series iLD Communication Manual M3730 1101
iLD24 Big Display SP Series Universal Strain & Process Monitor MQS3718 1005
iLD24 Big Display SP Series Universal Strain & Process Controller MQS3719 0503
iLD24 Series Quick Start Manual iLD Monitor Series MQS3717 0802
iLD24-ACC, iLD24-ACV, iLD24-FP Quick Start Manual - Big Display MQS3840 0503
iLD24-C2 Big Remote Display with RS-232 Input M4191 0405
iLD24-EI Big Display with Embedded Ethernet M3836 0103
iLD24-SM Series -SM (Simplified Menu Version) Quick Start Manual iLD Controller MQS3716-SM 0305
iLD24-UTP, iLD44-UTP Series Monitor Big Display Temperature&Process Monitor Manual M3717 0506
iLD26-ACC, iLD26-ACV, iLD26-FP Quick Start Big Display MQS3841 0802
iLD26-C2 Big Remote Display with RS-232 Input M4193 0605
iLD26-EI Big Display with Embedded Ethernet M3837 0117
iLD44-ACC, iLD44-ACV, iLD44-FP Quick Start Big Display MQS3842 0902
ilD44-C2 Big Remote Display with RS-232 Input M4192 0605
iLD44-EI Series Big Display with Embedded Ethernet M3838 0703
iLD44-SP Big Display Universal Strain & Process Monitor MQS2551 1005
iLD44-UTP Big Display Universal Temperature & Process Controller MQS3720 1114
iLD44-UTP Big Display Quick Start Manual Universal Temperature & Process Monitor MQS3721 1204
iLD44-UTP-SM -SM Version (Simplified Menu) Big Display Universal Temp & Process Controller MQS3720-SM 0305
iLD46-ACC, iLD46-ACV, iLD46-FP Big Display MQS3843 0902
iLD46-C2 Big Remote Display with RS-232 Input M4194 0505
iLD46-EI Series Big Display with Embedded Ethernet M3839 0403
iMonnit-Enterprise iMonnit Enterprise S/W, 250 Sensor License iMonnit_User_Guide 0420
IMONNIT-PREMIERE IMONNIT-PREMIERE_Manual iMonnit_User_Guide 10/5/2020
iMonnit-Premiere iMonnit Premiere S/W, 1-6 sensors iMonnit_User_Guide 0420
IN300 IR-Temperatursensor Kontaktloser Infrarottemperatursensor mit 4-20 mA-Ausgang MIN300-DE 0901
IN500 Digitale Infrarot-Pyrometer MIN500-DE 2010
INET-100 Instrunet operator's manual M2773 1008
INET-380 LabVIEW Drivers Manual for INET M3857 0802
INF7 French Frequency Meter Manual (French Version) INF7FR 0308
INF-B Anzeiger mit Universaleingang M2544-DE 0910
INFCAC Panel Meter (French version)Indicateur pour mesures efficaces vraies INFCACFR 1299
INFCP German Process Meter (German version) INFCP (Messgerät für Prozessmesssignale) M1860DE 1001
INFCP, DP25-E Czech Version - Newport - 1/8 DIN Process Panel Meter - OMEGA model DP25-E M1860_CZ 0701
INFCR Czech Version - Programmable Digital RTD Meter M1863_CZ 0701
INFCR Messgerät für Pt100 M1863DE 0801
INFCR German RTD Temperature Meter / Controller (German version) INFCR (Messgerät für Pt100) M1863DE 1299
INFCR French Panel Meter Manual (French version)PYROMÈTRE SONDE Pt 100 INFCR_FR 1299
INFCS Czech Czech Version - Newport INFCS Operators Manual and Omega DP25-S INFCS_CZ 0701
INFCS German Strain Meter (German version) INFCS (Messgerät für Prozess- und DMS- Messsignale) INFCSDE 0801
INFCT German Thermocouple Meter / Controller (German version) INFCT (Messgerät für Thermoelemente J, K, T and L) INFCTDE 0801
INFCTRA Series Panel Meters (French version)Fréquencemètre/Totalisateur/Chronomètre INFCTRA 1299
IN-USBH Field Calibratable USB Signal Conditioner - Quick Start MQS5447 1014
IN-UVI Inline Signal Conditioner M5549 1215
IOP-241 IOP-241 operator's manual M2507 0299
IOP-241 Daqdrive Supplemental manual M2514A 0896
IOP-241 Daqdrive software manual M2514 0896
IP210 IP210_Manual IP210A 24/10/2022
IP210 series I/P converter M1438 0902
IP211 and EP211 Series I/P and E/P Converters M4110 1104
IP411 and IP413 Electropneumatic Transducer M2073 0303
IP510 and IP511 Series I/P and E/P Converters M4109 0909
IP610 Series I/P Converter M4062 0912
IP710 Series I/P Converter M4063 1011
iPTX-D and iPTX-W Air Pressure + Temperature M4224 0207
iR2 Series Communication Manual M4911 0705
iR2 Series Ultra High Performance 2-Color Fiber Optic Infrared M3752 1204
ISA-GPIB Hardware Manual for use with PCI-GPIB, ISA-GPIB MGPIB 0899
ISC-HZ Messgerät für Frequenz-/Impulssignale MISC-HZ-DE 0205
ISC-IAC Messumformer für AC- und DC-Ströme MISC-IAC-DE 1003
ISC-P Messumformer für Prozesssignale MISC-P-DE 1003
ISC-POT Messumformer für Potentiometer und Widerstandsfühler Handbuch MISC-POT-DE 1003
ISC-PT100 Messumformer für Pt100 Widerstandsfühler mit 2- and 3- Drahtanschluss MISC-PT100-DE 1003
ISC-TJ, ISC-TK, ISC-TE, ISC-TT, ISC-TS, ISC-TR Messumformer für Thermoelemente Typ J, K, E, T, S, R MISC-T-DE 0205
ISC-VAC, ISC-VDC Messumformer für AC- und DC- Spannungssignale MISC-VAC-DE 1003
iSDR DIN Rail Strain & Process Controller Quick Start Manual MQS3851 0905
isDR DIN Rail Strain and Process Quick Start Manual MQS3850 0905
iSD-TC Dual Thermocouple over the Internet M4823 0213
iSD-TH Temperature + Humidity over the Internet M4822 0113
ISE-8710 Ammonia Gas-Sensing Electrodes M0782 0892
ISE-8711 & ISE-8712 Ammonium Ion Electrodes M3965 0199
ISE-8720 & ISE-8715 Bromide/Iodide Ion Selective Electrodes M0801 0688
ISE-8725 & ISE-8726 Lead Ion Selective Electrodes M0788 0199
ISE-8730 & ISE-8732 Cadmium Ion Selective Electrodes M0800 0199
ISE-8735 & ISE-8736 Nitrate Ion Selective Electrodes M0899 0393
ISE-8740 & ISE-8742 Calcium Ion Selective Electrodes M0898 0980
ISE-8745 Potassium Ion Selective Electrodes M0781 1092
ISE-8750 Carbon Dioxide Gas-Sensing Electrode M0783 0892
ISE-8755 & ISE-8756 Silver/Sulfide Ion Electrodes M2310 0196
ISE-8760 & ISE-8770 Chloride Ion Selective Electrodes M0791 0892
ISE-8765 & ISE-8775 Sodium Ion Selective Electrodes M0785 0892
ISE-8780 Cyanide Ion Selective Electrodes M0784 0892
ISE-8790 & ISE-8795 Fluoride Ion Selective Electrodes M0780 0892
ISE-8800 & ISE-8802 Cupric Ion Selective Electrodes M3545 0199
ISE-8840 Series Perclorate Ion Selective Electrodes M4811 0000
ISE-8860 & ISE-8862 Sodium Ion Selective Electrodes M3966 0199
ISE-8882 Surfactant Ion Selective Electrodes M3985 0703
ISE-8900 & ISE-8902 Water Hardness Electrodes M2335 1195
iSerie-Anzeiger mit programmierbarer Displayfarbe Universaleingang für Temperatur/Prozess M3446-DE 0402
iSerie-Regler mit programmierbarer DIsplayfarbe Universaleingang für Temperatur/Prozess M3355-DE 0402
iSeries Czech Version - Controller Manual M3355_CZ 0999
iSeries Czech Version - Process Indicator M3446_CZ 1299
iSERIES French Version - Indicateurs & Régulateurs universels M3355_FR 0599
iSeries German Version - iSerie Programmierbare Anzeiger M3355_DE 0502
iSeries CNi8A i Series Temperature/Process Controller with Isolated Analog Output Board M3565 0213
iSeries CNiS Process/Strain Gauge Controller Manual M3540 1106
iSeries Process/Strain MIL Standard Nickel RTD - ADDENDUM M3540A 1106
iSerie-SM Grenzwertgeber mit programmierbarer Displayfarbe M4132-DE 0306
iServer2-DTC Manual M5791_0323_Rev_A 11/05/2023
iServer2-DTC QuickStartGuide iServer_2_MQS5839_0123 11/05/2023
iServer2-Probe Manual iServer_2_M5791_0223 15/03/2023
iServer2-Probe QuickStartGuide iServer_2_MQS5839_0123 15/03/2023
iSE-TC Dual Thermocouple over the Internet M4422 0908
iSE-TC v2.0 Dual Thermocouple over the Internet (Firmware Version 2.0) M4422_ISE-TC_VER2 0809
iSE-TH Temperature + Humidity M4423 0808
iSE-TH v3.0 Temperature + Humidity (Frimware Version 3.0) M4423_ISE-TH_VER3 0709
ITC-DTS-SERIES ITC-DTS-SERIES_Manual Installation+Manual+-+HT-CONT 10/7/2020
iTCX Temperaturtransmitter für Thermoelemente M4324-DE 0107
iTCX Dual Thermocouple Input M4324 0213
iTCX-W ADDENDUM Dual Thermocouple Input M4324A 1107
iTHX-D3 and iTHX-W3 iSeries Temperature and Humidity M4965 0213
iTHX-M iServer MicroServer M4050 1008
iTHX-M Addendum iSERVER - ADDENDUM For iTHX-M M4050-A 0807
iTHX-M v7.0 iServer MicroServer (Firmware Ver# 6.0 & 7.0) M4050V6 0609
iTHX-SD iServer MicroServer Temperature + Humidity M4820 0113
iTHX-SD Temperatur-und Feuchtetransmitter mit integriertem Webserver M4820-DE 1209
iTHX-W and iTHX-2 Temperatur- und Feuchtetransmitter mit integriertem Webserver M3861-DE 0207
iTHX-W and iTHX-2 iServer MicroServer Temperature + Humidity M3861 1011
ITK-1067 Unidade de Medição de Textura de Solo Manual do Usuário M5556_PT 0116