Cartridge and Immersion Temperature Controllers

17000/18000 Series

Immersion Heaters with Control | 17000/18000 Series

Immersion Heaters with Control

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Application (17000/18000 Series)
Cartridge type is designed for drilled hole cartridge heating installations in molding presses, platens, rubber vulcanizers, hot plates, etc.

  • Adjustable range from -73 to 316°C (-100 to 600°F) offers wide field of application . Resolution sensitivity of - 0.1°C (0.1°F) offers close control of process
  • Compact size; lengths under 127 mm (5") and diameters less than 20.6 mm (13.16") fit almost any application
  • Fast response as external metal shell expands or contracts with each temperature change
  • Sheathing is brass for low range units; stainless steel for higher temperature use
  • Couplings for hex head and coupling head types are brass with standard pipe threads for mounting. Hex head and coupling head immersion types are screwed directly through the threaded opening in tank or duct or directly into a pipeline containing gas or liquid. The coupling head unit may be directly attached to electrical conduit by means of standard male pipe threads.

Well Assembly Pressure Ratings: 690 kPa at 120°C (100 psi at 250°F), 415 kPa at 260°C (60 psi at 500°F)
Well Assembly Material: Type 321 stainless steel
Current Rating: 10 A at 120 Vac; 5 Amps at 240 Vac
Extreme Temperature Exposures: May be exposed to -74°C (-100°F) indefinitely; they may be exposed to high temperature for one hour maximum, refer to the chart.
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