Large Display Temperature Meters - Discontinued

400B Series

Large Display Temperature Meters | 400B Series

Large Display Temperature Meters

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2 anos de garantia
  • J, K, T, E, R, S or B Thermocouples
  • 3- or 4-Wire Platinum RTD's, 0.00385 or 0.00392 curve
  • Scalable Current and Voltage Inputs
  • Rugged Die-Cast Aluminum Case
  • °F or °C Switchable
  • 20 mm (.8") Display
  • Modular Construction
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400B and 410B Series have been discontinued. As a upgrade substitute, please check out the DPPT Series for details.

Thermocouple or RTD Single Input 400B and 410B Indicators
The 400B and 410B Series measure temperatures with laboratory accuracy. Signals from thermocouples or RTD’s can be displayed with 1° or 0.1° resolution. High instrument accuracy is achieved with a superior combination of low noise analog-to-digital conversion, multi-segment linearization conformity and isolated electronics. The standard resolution version, the Model 400B, has a 1° resolution. The higher resolution version, Model 410B, provides a 0.1°resolution. A miniature "DIP" switch, easily accessible behind the front panel, makes the °C to °F conversion a snap. You can add one option card to either the Model 400B or 410B.

Thermocouple Multi-Input 402B and 412B Indicators
The 402B and the 412B have multi-input boards that can switch between five inputs of a common input type ( e.g., 5 type K thermocouples). A row of five pushbutton switches, accessible on the front panel, permits easy switching between sensor readings. There are screw terminals located at the rear of the instrument where up to five sensors can be attached. The 402B has a standard 1° resolution. The 412B has a 0.1° resolution.

Multi-Thermocouple 403B and 415B Indicators
Specifically designed to provide easy switching between different sensors, the six-input 403B and 415B models provide selection between six different thermocouple input types from a convenient row of easy-to-operate front panel pushbuttons. These six-function models allow selection without recalibration between thermocouple types J, K, T, R, S and B.


Baixar 400B-TC, 400B-RTD, 402B-TC, 402B-RTD - Thermocouple and RTD Meters
Baixar M410B Series - Digital Panel Indicator
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