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Benchtop Thermistor Thermometers

5830 Series

Benchtop Precision Thermistor Thermometers | 5830 Series

Benchtop Precision Thermistor Thermometers

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  • 5830 , 0.1° Resolution with °C/°F Switching
  • 5831, 0.01° Resolution with °C/°F Switching
  • ±0.2°C Accuracy
  • Touch Select Five Sensor Inputs
  • Uses 400 and 700 Series Thermistors
  • 6-Digit LCD Display with MIN/MAX, Average and Differential Readings
  • Portable Design Works with 115 and 230 Vac Power
  • Optional Rechargeable Ni-Cad Batteries Provide 8 Hours of Portable Use
  • Optional Carrying Case
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OMEGA’s lightweight, portable 5830 digital thermistor thermometer provides precision temperature measurement, accuracy and high repeatability. With five sensor inputs (Series 400 or 700 probes), the 5830 is extremely versatile. Any of the five temperatures can be displayed by touching the appropriate panel switch. In addition, the 5830 displays maximum, minimum, average and differential temperatures. Two models are available: the 5830 features 0.1° resolution, while the 5831 has 0.01° resolution. Optional analog output is also available.

Sensor Types: 400 Series (2252 Ω @ 25°C (77°F) or 700 Series linear thermistor
Ranges: -30 to 100°C (-22 to 212°F)
Resolution: 0.01° for 700 Series probe; 0.01° for 400 Series probe, -30 to 70°C (-22 to 158°F) range, 0.02° for 70 to 100°C (158 to 212°F) range
Accuracy: ±0.20°C (0.36°F)
Input Connections: Phone plug
Ambient Temperature Range: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Response Time: Less than 800 mS, excluding probe
Power: 115/230 Vac includes ac adaptor, Ni-Cad batteries optional
Reading Rate: 2 per second, nominal
Dimensions: 61 H x 184 W x 201 mm D (2.4 x 7.25 x 7.9")
Weight: 0.9 kg (2 lb)
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Benchtop themistor thermometer with 0.1° resolution
Accessories and Probes
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Field installable Ni-Cad battery pack
Disponível em: 2 semanas
Field calibration kit include five high-precision phone plugs marked "HI CAL" (using 106.2 Kohm +/-0.01% resistor) and five phone plugs marked "LOW CAL" (using a 407.1 ohm +/-0.01% resistor)
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Air temperature stainless steel probe suitable for test rooms, incubators, and remote air readings. Comes with phone plug connector
Disponível em: 13 semanas
Rugged tubular stainless steel probe with pipe fitting. Suitable for use in pipes or closed vessels. Comes with phone plug connector
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Attachable surface temperature probe. Stainless steel cup, epoxy backed. Easy to tape to on flat surfaces.
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Tubular stainless steel probe for rugged duty. Often used for liquid immersion. Immersible only to transition fitting. Comes with phone plug connector
Disponível em: 13 semanas
General purpose probe which is water resistant. Can be buried for sub-soil readings. Comes with phone plug connector.
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