1/16 DIN Proportional or On-Off Temperature Controllers with Dedicated Inputs & Ranges

6100 Series

On Off Temperature Controllers | 6100 Series

On Off Temperature Controllers

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  • 1/16 DIN Panel Cutout - Model 6102
  • 11-Pin Connector - Model 6102
  • Thermocouple and RTD Models - Model 6102 and 6103
  • Time Proportional Temperature Control - Model 6102 and 6103
  • 10 AMP Capacity - Model 6102 and 6103
  • 1/4" Terminal Lugs - Model 6103
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The Model 6102 Temperature Controller is one of OMEGA’s lowest cost units with all the features of big controllers. Packaged in a small size to save you space and money, Model 6102 temperature controllers plug into an unbreakable nylon socket which can be mounted individually or snapped onto the Model 6000-TRK mounting track. The unbreakable nylon socket and mounting track make installations in chassis, control panel and O.E.M. applications fast and easy, using a minimum of space.

The Model 6103 Temperature Panel Mount Controller with its small size is the logical choice for use on today’s multi-zone extruding and molding machines. It is available off-the-shelf in a wide selection of thermocouple types and ranges. Omega's Custom Engineering Department can fabricate a variety of custom panels for your specific needs. A complete Terminal Accessories Kit (6100-ACC) is included.
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