Self-Powered Analog Pyrometers with Phenolic Fronts for Temperature Measurement

7000 Series

Self Powered Analog Pyrometers | 7000 Series

Self Powered Analog Pyrometers

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  • Self-Powered
  • Taut Band MechanismStandard
  • Phenolic Fronts
  • Glass Windows
  • Proven Reliability
  • Accurate Measurement and Display
  • Wide Selection of Ranges
  • 3 Choices of Mounting: Front-Panel, Bezel,or Bench Stand
Temporizadores, Contadores e Medidores de Temperatura - Ver Produtos Relacionados


Analog Pyrometer OMEGA ® 7000 Series have thermocouple ranges calibrated for 10 ohms external resistance and are supplied with an adjustable 10 ohm resistor for use with thermocouples of lower resistance.

Thermocouple Specifications Thermistor type copper error compensation. Current sensitivity approximately 4 ohms per millivolt (250 microamperes). Automatic bimetal cold junction compensation for changes in ambient temperature. Mirrored scales with knife edge pointers are standard on all pyrometer models.

Accuracy: ±2%
Tracking: None
Balance: ±1%
Repeatability (Taut Band Mechanism): <¼%
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