PC-Based Soft Logic Controllers - Discontinued


PC-Based Soft Logic Controllers | ADAM-5000

PC-Based Soft Logic Controllers

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  • Modular I/O Design Provides Optimum Flexibility
  • Controllers Available with 4 or 8 I/O Modules Slots for up to 128 I/O Points
  • I/O Modules for Analog Signals, RTDs, Thermocouples, Discrete I/O, Counters and Frequency
  • RS485 and Ethernet Communications Available
  • Industrial DIN Rail Mount Design
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The ADAM-5000 series has been discontinued. Please see the OME-WISE-7000 Series as a possible alternative or contact our Automation Engineering department.

The ADAM-5510KW series is designed to monitor and control processes through multi-channel I/O modules. Each system is capable of handling up to 4 or 8 I/O modules for channel capacities up to 128 I/O points. Depending on the type and number of I/O points a system can be configured to meet your optimum application requirements.

Configurable I/O
The ADAM-5000 series analog input modules can be configured to accept several ranges of voltage input, current input, thermocouple input or RTD input. Counter/frequency modules can also be configured to up/down, bi-directional and frequency modes. By storing the configuration in a nonvolatile EEPROM, the system is able to retain set parameters even in the event of a power failure.

3-Way Isolation
Electric noise and transients can enter your system through an I/O module, the power supply connection or a communication connection. The ADAM-5000 series has been designed to effectively prevent noise from all possible sources with:
  • 3000 Vdc isolation from ADAM-5000 I/O modules
  • Isolation for input signals on communication ports
  • Isolation for the communication port’s power supply
This 3-way isolation design prevents ground loops and reduces the risk of electric noise affecting your system.

The ADAM-5510KW feature 5 standard IEC61131-3 programming languages so PLC users can develop control strategies in their familiar programming languages. The strong MULTIPROG software and stable ProConOS make the ADAM-5510KW the best choice for PC-based Soft-logic controllers in the market.
ProConOS, (Programmable Controller Operating System), has over 250,000+ installations, and is a pre-emptive, multi-tasking run-time software providing deterministic operation down to one millisecond and runs applications developed with MULTIPROG, a fully-featured IEC 61131-3 development environment. Also bundled with the ADAM-5510KW is ProConOS run-time software creating a complete SoftLogic Solution.

RS232/RS485 Modbus Communications
The main unit of ADAM-5510KW contains a 1.5 MB flash memory and 640 KB SRAM which includes battery backup RAM up to 32 KB. In addition, 4 COM ports enrich the communication capacity of ADAM-5510EKW and ADAM-5510KW to integrate with remote I/O or other 3rd party devices based on the Modbus/RTU protocol.
For advanced system integration, the ADAM-5510EKW and ADAM-5510KW are built with a Modbus/RTU Server.

Optional Ethernet
The ADAM-5510EKW/TCP is an Ethernetenabled SoftLogic Controller. In addition to the features of ADAM-5510KW and ADAM- 5510EKW, the ADAM-5510EKW/TCP has Ethernet features including Modbus/TCP Server, Modbus/TCP Client and Multiprog via Ethernet functions. Therefore, users can easily and quickly complete their programming based on Ethernet architecture.
For advanced system integration, the ADAM-5510EKW/TCP supports not only Modbus/RTU Master and Slave functions via serial ports, but also the Modbus/TCP Client to retrieve data from remote I/O, and Modbus/TCP Server to send data back to the HMI/SCADA Software via Ethernet port. Furthermore, the ADAM-5510EKW/TCP allows users to remotely maintain multiple ADAM-5510EKW/TCP controllers by running Multiprog programming software via Ethernet.
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