Enclosure Hole Plugs for Fiberglass & Steel Electrical Enclosures

AMHS Series NEMA 4X Hole Plus

Enclosure Hole Plugs | AMHS Series NEMA 4X Hole Plus

Enclosure Hole Plugs

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  • Fast and Easy Assembly - No Tools Required
  • Capable of Sealing Hole Sizes from ½ to 4 ¾"
  • Self Centering, Anti-Rotational Design
  • Designed for Use with Wall Thicknesses from 16 Gauge Through 1⁄4"
  • Low Profile Interior Nut and Exterior Plug
  • Available in Light Grey (RAL 7035) and Dark Grey (ANSI 61)
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The AMHS Series hole plugs are designed to be used in plugging existing unwanted holes in electrical enclosures and come in standard hole sizes for pilot lights, push buttons and conduit fittings. They are available in light grey, RAL 7035, for use in fiberglass enclosures and dark grey, ANSI 61, for metal enclosures. Designed for simple installation in large enclosures can be done by one person.
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