Medium Weight Oil Immersion Heater with Integral Thermostat—2 1/2" NPT Steel Fitting

ARMTO-3 Series

Medium Weight Oil Immersion Heater  | ARMTO-3 Series

Medium Weight Oil Immersion Heater

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  • 3 to 9kW
  • Rugged 3 Element Steel Construction
  • Low Watt Density, 15 W/in2
  • Built-in Thermostat, Three Temperature Ranges Available
  • 240 and 480 V, 3 Phase
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Please Note: The integral thermostat functions as a temperature control only. This is not a fail safe device. An approved pressure and/or temperature control should be used with these heaters to assure safe operation. See the Temperature Section for our selection of control devices.

Fire and electrical shock may result if products are used improperly or installed or used by non-qualified personnel. See inside back cover for additional warning.

kW W/in2 No. Htg.
T3 Temp.Range (200-550°F)
Model No.
T2 Temp. Range (60-250°F)
Model No.
T1 Temp.Range (0-100°F)
Model No.
ARMTO-3 with E1 General Purpose Enclosure 1
315324 1/2 (62)ARMTO-303/*ARMTO-303T2/*ARMTO-303T1/*11 (5)
415332 3/8 (82)ARMTO-304/*ARMTO-304T2/*ARMTO-304T1/*12 (5)
515339 7/8 (101)ARMTO-305/240ARMTO-305T2/240ARMTO-305T1/24013 (6)
615347 3/8 (121)ARMTO-306/*ARMTO-306T2/*ARMTO-306T1/*14 (6)
7.515357(145)ARMTO-307/240ARMTO-307T2/240ARMTO-307T1/24015 (6)
915367 3/8 (171)ARMTO-309/240ARMTO-309T2/240ARMTO-309T1/24016 (7)
ARMTO-3 Series with Moisture Resistant/Explosion Resistant Enclosure2†
315324 1/2 (62)ARMTO-303E2/*ARMTO-303E2T2/*ARMTO-303E2T1/*16 (7)
415332 3/8 (82)ARMTO-304E2/*ARMTO-3046E2T2/*ARMTO-304E2T1/*17 (8)
515339 7/8 (101)ARMTO-305E2/240ARMTO-305E2T2/240ARMTO-305E2T1/24018 (8)
615347 3/8 (121)ARMTO-306E2/*ARMTO-306E2T2/*ARMTO-306E2T1/*19 (9)
7.515357(145)ARMTO-307E2/240ARMTO-307E2T2/240ARMTO-307E2T1/24020 (9)
915367 3/8 (171)ARMTO-309E2/240ARMTO-309E2T2/240ARMTO-309E2T1/24021(10)
/* Designate voltage, ie., insert 208 for 208 Vac, 240 for 240 Vac, or 480 for 480 Vac. Model numbers containing 240 V are only available in that voltage.
†Caution: Explosion resistant type E2 construction refers to heater design features which provide explosion resisting containment of electrical wiring according to National Electric Code. Abnormal application or use of heaters which in excessive temperatures can create hazardous conditions which can lead to fire Consult Section Z for data on allowable watt densities for more viscous materials.
1 Heaters with General Purpose Enclosures are UL Listed with T1 or T2 Temps and CSA Certified with T1, T2 or T3 Temps.
2 Heaters with Moisture Resistant/Explosion Resistant Enclosures are CSA NRTL/C Certified with T1, T2 or T3 Temps.
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