Lightweight Oil Immersion Heater with Thermostat—1" NPT Steel Fitting

ARTMO Series

Screw Plug Oil Immersion Heater  | ARTMO Series

Screw Plug Oil Immersion Heater

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  • Built in Thermostat— Three Temperature Ranges Available
  • 0.25 to 0.50 kW
  • 120 and 240 V, 1 Phase
  • 0.315" Diameter Heavy Duty Steel Sheath
  • Lower Watt Density for Heating Light Weight Oils
  • Single Heating Element Design
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Heating low viscosity oil — For better flow, improved characteristics, and maintenance of bulk oil at predetermined temperature levels. Also suitable for hydrocarbon based coolants and heat transfer oils where adequate flow conditions are maintained.

Features rugged construction — Sturdy heating steel screw plugs provide superior rigidity and strength. Heavy duty jumper straps and terminal posts assure permanent tightness of connection’s carrying capacity.

High conductivity elements — Filled with highest purity blends of magnesium oxide refractory (MgO) compacted to a rock hard density to insure maximum thermal conductivity, maximum electrical resistance, and assure long element life.
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