Non-Indicating Temperature Controllers (used as a Remote Control Thermostat)

CCD100 Series

Temperature Switch | CCD100 Series

Temperature Switch

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The CCD Temperature Controller is used as a remote control thermostat for individual circuits requiring a weatherproof device.

The OMEGALUX™ CCD100N SPST Thermostat uses a temperature-sensitive bi-metal disc in an epoxy-sealed housing. Upon reaching the non-adjustable calibrated setpoint, the disc activates a plunger, causing the heavy duty switch contacts to open.
The CCD100N is normally used as an across-the-line switch, but may be used to operate contactor coils and other similar devices.

The CCD101N is an SPDT Thermostat with the same features as the CCD100N, except that it has an additional pole which can be used to operate external alarm devices or as a limit controller in conjunction with other CCD Series thermostats.
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