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CDCN Series

 | CDCN Series

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  • Digital Conductivity Display and Control
  • Temperature Display
  • Three Chemical Feed Programs (Conductivity, pH and Additive)
  • Langelier Saturation Index for Water Balance
  • Chemical Level Alarm
  • Integral Data Logging for up to 999 Points
  • Time-Based Chemical Level Alarm
  • NEMA 4X Wall Mount Enclosure
  • Remote Computer Operation with Windows Software


The CDCN Series has been discontinued. Please see the CDTX-111/CDTX-112 Series as a possible alternative or contact our Flow Engineering Department.

The CDCN10 Series is specifically designed to measure conductivity/dissolved solids and pH in cooling towers, boilers, industrial process water, food processing, drinking water and wastewater treatment applications. The CDCN10 Series conductivity/pH controllers are highly accurate and easy to install and operate. Engineering units can be displayed in either US or metric values using the pushbutton keypad and the simple scroll-through menus. Both units control conductivity, with the ability to control 3 additive feed programs. You can get a readout of the probe temperature. pH measurement and control is optional on both units, as is a safety flow switch contact, and RS485 communications.

The CDCN12 has additional features over the standard CDCN11, including dynamic probe failure testing for pH/ORP sensors, allowing the controller to detect a probe failure quickly after it occurs, so the user can avoid dangerous out-of-range conditions. For convenience, the CDCN12 features a large 4-line LCD readout and 16-button keypad.

Measurement Range:
Conductivity: 0 to 20,000 µS/cm or ppm; conversion factor for TDS
pH: 0 to 14 pH; setpoint for acid or base feed
    Conductivity: ±1% rdg
    pH: ±0.1 pH
    Conductivity: 1µS
    pH: 0.01 pH
Temperature Range: -18 to 60°C (0 to140°F)
Watermeter Input: For totalizer function, CDCN11 only
Sensor Calibration: 1, 2 or 3 points
Control Modes: Off, manual, auto, timer, bleed and feed, bleed-then-feed, daily schedule
Langelier Index: Water balance display calculated from pH, temp, total alkalinity and calcium hardness
Alarms: High/low, out-of-range, overfeed and total run time; visual, audible and external (5 A) alarms
Data Logging: On-board memory for 999 tests; CDCN12 has, as standard, an RS232 communication port for local download and printing
Networking: RS485 port for multiple connections (optional)
Remote Operation: Software and graphical display for Windows®
Power: 115/230 Vac, 10 A
Control Outputs: 5 A relays, SPST
    CDCN11 Relays: 3 additive, one alarm, one bleed
    CDCN12 Relays: 2 additive, one additive/alarm (selectable), one bleed
Probe Sensor Failure: CDCN12 only, for pH/ORP electrode
    CDCN11: One line LCD; 5-button keypad
    CDCN12: Four line LCD; 16-button keypad
Mechanical: NEMA 4X enclosure
    CDCN11: 240 x 190 x 90 mm (9.5 x 7.5 x 3.5")
    CDCN12: 285 x 234 x 155 mm (11.21 x 9.21 x 6.09")
Shipping Weight:
    CDCN11: 2.7 kg (6 lb)
    CDCN12: 6.0 kg (13 lb)


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Baixar CDCN12 and CDCN13 - Cooling Tower/Boiler Controllers
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