1/8 DIN On-Off Temperature or Process Controllers with 5 Ramp and Soak Programs plus 2 Timers with Optional Outputs

CN1501 Series

Temperature or Process Controllers  | CN1501 Series

Temperature or Process Controllers

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  • Temperature/Process Input
  • Ramped On/Off Control
  • Five Ramp and Soak Profiles, Each up to 10 Segments
  • Rate of Change and Min or Max Display
  • 4-Digit LED Display
  • Optional Alarms: 2 Process, 1 Rate, and 1 Deviation Alarm
  • Two Timers with Solid State Outputs
  • Built-in Alarm Buzzer with Relay or dc Pulse
Controladores de Temperatura e Processo - Ver Produtos Relacionados


The CN1501 indicator offers sophisticated microprocessor-based temperature control with ramp and soak, in a convenient 1/8 DIN (cutout) case. The CN1501 can store up to five ramp and soak profiles in memory; each profile can have up to 10 ramp/soak segments. The CN1501 uses ramped on-off control to provide optimum temperature stability.

The CN1501 can display average rate of temperature change per minute, as well as instantaneous temperature. Low and high peaks are constantly monitored, and can be displayed at the touch of a key. Two programmable timers are also featured (second timer is also used for On/Off control).These timers can be used as timer or time/temperature based alarms.

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