1/4 DIN Dual Loop Temperature/Process Controllers with Modular Outputs


Process Controllers with Modular Outputs | CN3000

Process Controllers with Modular Outputs

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  • Up to Four Independent Outputs Available as Plug-In Modules
  • Dual Loop Control
  • Heat Autotuning
  • Multiple PID Sets
  • Four-Line Vacuum Fluorescent Dot Matrix Display Shows Data and Graphics
  • Universal Input - User Programmable for Thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor, Voltage and Current Input
  • NEMA-4 (IP65) Enclosure

    Available Options:
  • Transducer Power


The CN300 has been superseded, please see the CN2300 Series or the CNPT as a possible substitute or consult OMEGA's Pressure Engineering department.

The CN3000 series microprocessor-based 1/4 DIN PID controllers provide accurate and reliable control of temperature, pressure and other variables in both process and machine control applications. The CN3000 is the first menu-driven controller that can be configured from the front keypad. The front keypad offers direct digital data entry, direct access to desired displays, and soft key macros.

The CN3000 includes universal inputs, an extensive selection of control programs, four selectable control outputs and unparalleled application configuration and programming. The blue dot matrix display features four lines of alphanumeric data plus graphics and is mounted with the key pad in a NEMA-4 bezel.

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