Environmental Test Chamber Controllers. 1/4 DIN Size and Dual Temperature/Process Inputs - Discontinued


 | CN3230 Series - DISCONTINUED

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  • Two Process Inputs, 4 Control Outputs
  • Inputs: Type T Thermocouple, 100 Ω Platinum RTD (2 ranges), 4-20 mAdc, 1-5 Vdc
  • Heat/Cool and Humidify/De-Humidify
  • 16 Field Configured Ramp and Soak Programs
  • 8 Intervals Per Program, Total 128 Intervals
  • 8 Solid State Event or Alarm Outputs
  • Optional Digital Communications Port for RS-232, RS-422/485
  • Software Avalabile
  • Analog Bar Graph For Added Visual Indication
  • Metal Case for Noise Immunity
  • Optional Splash Cover


The OMEGA ® CN3230 is a Dual Channel Environmental Test Chamber Controller. Along with its expansive memory and flexible programming capabilities, the CN3230 has the added features of two sensor inputs and four control outputs. The two control channels may both function as temperature control, or channel #1 as temperature and channel #2 as humidity, making the CN3230 the perfect choice for environmental chamber, oven and furnace applications requiring highly sophisticated control. The humidity control algorithm accommodates both transmitter and wet bulb temperature inputs. The controller converts either input into a relative humidity value, thus functioning as a true humidity controller and requiring no calculations or conversions by the operator.
16 ramp/soak programs, each having a separate standby setpoint and 8 individually timed intervals, give you a total of 128 intervals. Any interval or sequence of intervals can be looped up to 255 times, and any of the 16 programs can be linked to another program. The CN3230 features nested program loops, allowing configuration of complex process profiles that loop from any interval in a program to any interval of the other 15 programs.
8 event outputs per interval are possible. Each controller is equipped with 4 SSR event outputs as standard, and an additional 4 outputs are available as an option. These event outputs give the CN3230 added control power to turn on conveyors, valves, fans, annunciators or other remote devices. The 4 alarm settings may be assigned to up to four of these solid state relay outputs, and each alarm can be set up as high, low or deviation alarms, normally energized or normally de-energized.
Guaranteed soak, automatic hold and separate PID control parameters for all 4 control outputs. Two different proportional band settings can be programmed for each control channel (easily accommodating applications where the gain of different processes dictates significantly different PID control parameters for precise control). When establishing a program profile, simply select the proportional band setting most appropriate for the process.
Remote operation of ramp/soak programs allows you to select from a remote contact closure:
An Optional 4-20 mA analog output (field changeable to 1-5 Vdc) is available, in addition to the 4 standard SSR control outputs, and can be assigned to represent any one of the four control outputs, or the process variables or setpoints.
Programming logically organized into 22 PAGES of like MENU numbers, requiring only simple menu selections. The result is a specific address for each and every control adjustment or selection to be made, quick and easy programming, and no confusion!
Programmed information is protected by non-volatile memory and 6 coded levels of security. In the event of a power failure, the CN3230 will retain all of the programmed parameters and program profiles. The 6 security levels require codes to access and change parameters, to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to programming.
Simple front panel pushbuttons and alphanumeric cues make ramp/soak program operation and programming easy. The dual 4-digit LED displays give constant indication of channel #1 and channel #2 process variables and setpoints, while alphanumeric cues guide you through programming.
Optional RS-232 and RS-422 Digital Communications is available and can operate without a mainframe or PC interface. By connecting a standard ASCII data terminal or PC to the CN3230, you can select or adjust any parameter that can be accessed from the controller's front panel. Automatic datalogging gives you a printout and/or display of up to 11 different control parameters and variables as often as every minute, or whatever time interval chosen. If several controllers are on a single line, the user can write multidrop software, or use the OMEGA ® software package, CN3200-SOFT.
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