Temperature Controllers

CN350, CN360, & CN370 Series

Easy to Use Temperature Controllers | CN350, CN360, & CN370 Series

Easy to Use Temperature Controllers

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  • Economical, Easy to Use
  • 1 /16 DIN Panel Cutout
  • Input Types; J, K, R, S Thermocouples and 100 .Platinum RTD
  • Fixed Proportional Band (4%) with Manual Reset
  • Fixed Cycle Time: 30 s for Mechanical Relay and 3 s for dc Solid State Output
  • User Convertible for Proportional or On-Off Control
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The CN350, CN360 and CN370 Series controllers are designed for economical and easy use. Models are available with digital, deviation, or non-indicating display, for J, K, R, and S thermocouples or 100 . platinum RTD input. The small 1.88" (48 mm) square face, 1.77" square cutout ( 1 /16 DIN) and short depth behind panel (3.54", 90 mm) help save panel space and installation costs. All models have a digital thumbwheel for adjusting the setpoint. The CN370 Series models provide continuous digital display of the process temperature. The CN360 Series indicate whether the process temperature is within ±1.5% full scale of the setpoint or above or below setpoint. The CN350 Series are non-indicating. These controllers are time proportional with manual reset, and can be converted to ON-OFF control by changing internal jumpers. The proportional band is fixed at 4%.
Two types of output are available. A 2.5 Amp (SPDT) mechanical relay is for use with systems which can use a 30-second cycle time. With an external solid state relay, loads to 5 Amps can be accommodated. For systems which require a faster cycle time, the dc solid state driver output should be used. This has a cycle time of approximately 3 seconds and can control high ac loads using a dc controlled solid state relay.
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