Discontinued - 1/4 DIN, PID, On/Off, or Limit Controllers

CN8100 Series

Limit Controller | CN8100 Series

Limit Controller

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  • This product is no longer available. For a possible alternate, please see CNI-AL
  • Large, Easy-to-Read LED Display, Selectable for Either Setpoint or Process Temperature
  • Type J or K Thermocouple Input For PID Controllers
  • Type J Thermocouple Input For ON-OFF or Limit Controllers
  • ON-OFF and PID Contollers Can Be Ordered with One or Two Outputs. Output One: 5 Amp Relay or 2 Aac SSR. Output Two: 5 Amp Relay or 1 Aac SSR
  • Limit Controllers have One 5 Amp Relay and Are FM Approved
  • Adjustable Output Hysteresis to Prevent Rapid Cycling Around Setpoint Temperature
  • Adjustable Deviation Alarm Flashes When Measured Temperature Exceeds or Falls Below Setpoint Temperature
  • NEMA-4X Front Bezel, Splash-Proof and Resistant to Dust
  • Discrete Status Indicators Illuminate When Temperature Display, Setpoint Display or Heat/Cool Output Is Active
  • UL Recognized (C), (US)
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This product has been discontinued

The CN8100 Series may be ordered as either a PID or On/Off controller or as a Limit Safety Device. The ¼ DIN models are low cost and ideal for OEM or replacement applications. They are microprocessor-based and accurate to ±0.3% FS.

As a separate safety feature to your control application, the CN8121-R1 high limit safety device provides reliable high/low temperature limit shut-off control for most machine and process control applications including environmental chambers, furnaces, ovens and packaging machinery. As a high limit device, these controllers have a normally energized SPDT latching output relay which becomes de-energized whenever the process variable (PV) exceeds a selected setpoint value. Reset of the latching output relay is done from a reset pushbutton on the front panel of the controller.
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