1/8 DIN Vertical and 1/4 DIN Universal Input Temperature/Process Controllers

CN8240 and CN8260 Series

Universal Input Temperature Controller | CN8240 and CN8260 Series

Universal Input Temperature Controller

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  • Field-Configurable Universal Temperature and Process Inputs
  • Autotuning, Direct or Reverse-Acting for Both Outputs
  • 8 Ramp and 8 Soak Segments
  • User-Selectable Ramp to Setpoint
  • Dual Output/Dual Alarm Capabilities
  • Decimal Display in 0.1° for Measured Temperatures Under 1000°C or °F
  • NEMA-4X Front Panel
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The CN8240/CN8260 1/8 DIN vertical and 1/4 DIN temperature/ process controllers are extremely versatile and user-friendly. The operator needs to review only those parameters relevant to the particular application during setup. A dual digital display offers optimum process information at a glance. The dedicated upper display shows the process value, while the lower display shows setpoint and setup parameters. Individual LED's identify the status of outputs, alarms, digital communications, and special options.
The CN8240/CN8260 features a NEMA-4X front panel and a universal power supply that accepts 100 to 250 Vac and 120 to 250 Vdc. A 24 Vac/24 Vdc power supply option is also available. Calibrations for most thermocouples and RTD's are available, as well as for millivolt linear, volt linear, and current linear inputs. Unlike the CN8200 1/16 DIN models, these controllers have plug-in output modules that can be changed in the field. In addition, a single output model can be converted to a dual output version in the field.

Eight-level ramp/soak control consisting of 8 ramps and 8 soaks is standard, and includes decimal display on thermocouple ranges, digital display and signal filtering, and a percentage of power limit setting. Control algorithms available are P, PI, PD, PID, or ON/OFF. The autotune feature automatically sets proportional band, derivative, and integral before the process reaches setpoint. These parameters provide quick stabilization of processes with minimum overshoot, hunting, or cycling.

The dual control outputs can be configured for a variety of control applications, and an additional two dedicated alarm outputs are also available. The CN8240/CN8260 offers a wide range of options, including RS-232, RS-485 digital communications, a variety of remote setpoint options, three contact/digital input modes, four transducer excitation voltages, and four auxiliary output ranges.


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