Curved Face Ceramic Radiant Heaters

CRM Series

Ceramic Radiant Heaters | Curved Face Heater | CRM Series

Ceramic Radiant Heaters | Curved Face Heater

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  • Standard Solid Curved Face Sizes to Accomodate a Wide Range of New or Existing Applications
  • Universal Mount Designed to be Dropped into Existing Systems Regardless of Manufacturer
  • Standard Colors are Metamorphing Rose (Cold) to Grey (Hot), and Traditional White. Optional Colors are Metamorphing Yellow (Cold) to Orange (Hot), and Black
  • Standard Stocked Voltage: 120 or 220/240V as Noted; Other Voltages are Available
  • Available with Built-In Type K Thermocouple— Type J Thermocouple and Low Noise Options are Also Available
  • Long Operating Life—Over 10,000-Plus Hours of Continuous Operation Under Normal Conditions
  • Performance is Unaffected By Vibration or Adverse Atmospheric Conditions
  • 2.5 to 6 ìm Infrared Radiation Wavelength
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Model Number Wattage Voltage Color Watt Density* Heater Body Temperature** (Typical Operating)
Without Thermocouple Standard Type K Thermocouple
Watts/in2 Watts/cm2 °F °C
CRM10008 CRM10011 425 120 Rose to Grey 27.44 4.25 1144 618
CRM00008 CRM00011 425 120 White 27.44 4.25 1144 618
CRM10009 CRM10012 500 120 Rose to Grey 32.28 5.00 1239 671
CRM00009 CRM00012 500 120 White 32.28 5.00 1239 671
CRM10010 CRM10013 600 220/240 Rose to Grey 38.74 6.00 1360 738
CRM00010 CRM00013 600 220/240 White 38.74 6.00 1360 738
* Watt density calculated using heater face surface area.
** E-Mitter heater body temperature as measured with internal thermocouple when mounted face down in stock CRK reflector and operating in 22°C (72°F) room ambient.
*** Peak infrared radiation wavelength as calculated from Wien’s Law, for operating temperature shown. Expressed in microns (µm).
Ordering Example: CRM10008, curved faced radiant heater, 428 W, 120 Vac, rose to grey.
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