Temperature Recorders, Self Powered, Spring Wound, 1 or 24 Hour & 7 Day, CHART-TEMP™ Series

CT-100 Series

Self Powered Chart Recorder | CT-100 Series

Self Powered Chart Recorder

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  • From -40 to 260°C (-40 to 500°F)
  • Low Temperature Recorders with Ranges Up to 220°F with Either 1 or 7 Day Charts and +2% Accuracy
  • Oven Recorders with Ranges up to 500°F and Either 1 or 24 Hour Charts with +3% Accuracy
  • Accurate Swiss-Made movement with jewelled bearings (Low Temperature Model)
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OMEGA™ CHART-TEMP™ recorders are dry stylus, spring-wound clockdriven circular chart recorders which never require electric power or ink of any kind. Simply rewind the drive when you replace the chart. These recorders are excellent for recording temperatures inside buildings, refrigerators or ovens. Units with ranges up to 500°F are available.
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