General Purpose "Ice Cube" Plug-In Relays for High Current Applications

D7P Series

General Purpose

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    •Arc Barrier Equipped Relay with High Dielectric Strength
    •Panel, DIN Rail and Flange Mounting
    •Flag Indicator Shows Relay Status in Manual or Powered Condition
    •Bi-Polar LED Status Lamp Allows for Reverse Polarity Applications
    •Shows Coil ON or OFF Status
    •Ideal in Low Light Conditions
    •Color Coded Pushbutton Identifies AC Coils with Red or DC Coils with Blue Pushbuttons
    •Allows for Manual Operation of Relay Without the Need for Coil Power
    •Ideal for Field Service Personnel to Test Control Circuits
    •Lock Down Door, when Activated, Holds Pushbutton and Contacts in the Operate Position
    •Excellent for Analyzing Circuit Problems
    •Finger-Grip Cover Allows Operator to Remove Relays from Sockets More Easily Than Conventional Relays
    •White Plastic I.D. Tag/Write Label Used for Identification of Relays in Multi-Relay Circuits
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Rated Load (Resistive Load*): 120/240 Vac 15 A, 30 Vdc 15 A
Rated Load (Inductive Load*): 120/240 Vac 10 A, 30 Vdc 7 A
Carry Current: 15 A
Max Operating Voltage: 250 Vac/125 Vdc
Max Operating Current: 15 A
Contact Material: AgCdO
Max Switching Capacity (Resistive Load*): 1700 VA 360 W
Max Switching Capacity (Inductive Load*): 1100 VA 170 W
Min Permissible Load: 100 mA, 5 Vdc
Pickup Voltage (Max): 80%
Drop Out Voltage (Min): 30% AC, 10% DC
Voltage (Max): 110%
Mechanical Life (Min): 10,000,000 AC, 100,000,000 DC
Electrical Life @ All Contact Ratings (Min): 200,000
Maximum hp Rating (Resistive Load*): 1.3 hp (120 Vac)
Maximum hp Rating (Inductive Load*): 1.2 hp (240 Vac)
* Resistive load p.f. = 1, inductive load p.f. = 0.4, L/R = 7 ms

Coil Pickup Voltage (Max): 85% AC; 80% DC (% of nominal)
Coil Drop Out Voltage (Min): 10% AC; 10% DC (% of nominal)
Coil Maximum Voltage: 110% of nominal

Coil Insulation System per, UL
Standard 1446: Class B 130 °C (266 °F)
Contact Rated Load:
   D7PF2: 120 Vac to 15 A , 277 Vac, 28 Vdc to 12 A, 220 Vdc to 0.5 A
   D7PF4: 120 Vac, 28 Vdc to 15 A, 277 Vac to 12 A, 220 Vdc to 0.5 A
Maximum hp Ratings:
   D7PF2: 1.2 hp, 120 Vac, 1 hp, 250 Vac
   D7PF4: 1.2 hp, 120 Vac, 3.4 hp, 250 Vac
Contact Material: Silver alloy, gold flashed
Pilot Duty: B300
Utilization Category (IEC): AC-15
Min Permissible Load: 100 mA @ 5 Vdc or 0.5 W
Contact Resistance: 100 Milliohms, max @ 6V, 1 A
Dielectric Strength (Coil to Contacts): 2500 Vrms
Dielectric Strength (Across Open Contacts): 1000 Vrms
Dielectric Strength (Pole to Pole): 2500 Vrms
Insulation Resistance: 100 Megohms min @ 500 Vdc
Operating Temperature: -40 to 70 °C (-40 to 158 °F)
Storage Temperature: -40 to 105 °C (-40 to 221 °F)
Life Expectancy (At Rated Resistive), Load:
D7PF2: 200,000, operations
D7PF4: 150,000, operations
Life Expectancy (Mechanical at No Load): 10 million operations
Approximate Weight:
D7PF2: 36 g (0.079 lb)
D7PF4: 80 g (0.176 lb)
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