ONE-PIECE BAND HEATERS 1 1/2"(4cm) & 2 1/2"(6cm) Wide

DB & DBW Series



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  • Rugged, Reliable, Heavy Duty
  • 5"(13cm) to 12 1/2"(32cm) Barrel Diameter
  • Barrel Temperatures up to 900°F
    •Heating barrels of plastic injection molding machines and extruders
    •Die and die holder heating of plastic extruders and blow molding machines
    •Burn-out ovens
    •Heated kettles
    •Fluidized beds
    •Heat treating pipes
    •Any application requiring heat applied to a cylindrical surface
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Ten times the life–only slightly higher cost. This economical long life heavy duty band heater has a 3/8 inch thick chrome steel (stainless) sheath, which offers ten times the life of a mica band heater at only a slightly higher cost than mica, and considerably lower than ceramic band and aluminum shoe designs.

Flexible one-piece construction for easy installation and removal. The unheated section between heated halves functions as a hinge and permits repeated opening and closing for moving heaters from one application to another. The heavy duty spring loaded clamping bolt pulls the heater tight to the work and maintains tightness by compensating for expansion.

Heavy duty – uses a pair of formed 240V OMEGALUX™ PT series strip heaters.

Spring loaded – for tight fit with Inconel-x spring and nickel-plated clamping bolts and nuts— maintains tightness.

Uniform high temperature capability. Highly compacted refractory insulation assures efficient heat transfer, therefore lower resistance wire temperatures.

Power: 240/480V**
Wattage: 750 to 3250 watts.
Sheath Material: Chrome Steel
Maximum Sheath Temperature: 1200°F

Model No. Watts W/In2 Barrel Dia. In. (cm) Wt. lbs. (kg)
DB-11/2 inches (4cm), 240/480 volts**
DB-050772770335 (13)1.5 (.7)
DB-0541021000425 1/2 (14)1.75 (.8)
DB-060752750276 (15)2 (.9)
DB-0641021000336 1/2 (17)2 (.9)
DB-0701021000307 (18)2 (.9)
DB-0741221250357 1/2 (19)2 (.9)
DB-0801221200328 (20)2 (.9)
DB-0841621600408 1/2 (22)2.5 (1.1)
DB-0901521500359 (23)2.5 (1.1)
DB-0941721700389 1/2 (24)3 (1.4)
DB-10018218003810 (25)3 (1.4)
DB-10412212002410 1/2 (27)3 (1.4)
DB-11421221003911 1/2 (29)3 (1.4)
DB-12415215002512 1/2 (32)3 (1.4)
DB-21/2 inches (6cm), 240/480 volts**
DBW-0641521525306 1/2 (17)3.75 (1.7)
DBW-0741821800317 1/2 (19)3.75 (1.7)
DBW-0802022000358 (20)3.75 (1.7)
DBW-0842222250348 1/2 (22)3.75 (1.7)
DBW-0902522500359 (23)3.75 (1.7)
DBW-10028228003610 (25)3.75 (1.7)
DBW-10429229503610 1/2 (27)3.75 (1.7)
DBW-11432232503611 1/2 (29)4 (1.8)
** The two 240V strip heating elements must be wired in series for 480V
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