Linear Actuator Slides – Modular Pneumatic Automation Components

DLM Pneumatic Linear Motion Rail Slide

Robohand Rail Slides, Linear  Motion Slides, Ball Slides - | DLM  Pneumatic Linear Motion Rail Slide

Robohand Rail Slides, Linear Motion Slides, Ball Slides -

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  • Highly Configurable Modular Automation— Exclusive Direct Connect™ Robohand Technology
  • Small Compact Guided Air Cylinders for Factory Automation
  • Single and Dual-Axis Linear Motion -Typical "PICK-N-PLACE" Automation Components
  • Modular Design Eliminates Adaptor Plates - Saves Machining and Assembly Time.
  • Linear Rail Slides Can be Mounted and Operated in any Direction
  • Precision Pneumatic Linear Motion— 25 to 100 mm of Travel with 0.005 mm (0.0001") Accuracy
  • Repeatability 0.08 mm (0.003") with pre-installed Precision Stop
  • Up to 5 Million Cycles in Typical Application—Up to 10 Million with Maintenance
  • Temperature Operating Range -35 to 80ºC (-30 to 180ºF)
  • Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder Requiring 1.4 to 7 bar (20 to 100 psi) Dry Filtered (40 micron or Better) Air Supply Along with a 4-Way, 2 Position Valve
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DLM Linear Rail Slides are guided air cylinders that can be utilized in many industrial, R&D, lab, production and quality inspection applications from single direction to complex X-Y-Z motion. These pneumatic automation components, by Robohand , are used in typical Pick-N-Place applications and can handle small to medium size objects. Productivity improvements and cost reduction of repetitive task can be automated in some of the following applications: assembly; escapements; in-line directional changes; transfer of objects with precision movements. The DirectConnect technology from Robohand is a modular design that allows the addition of DRF Rotary Actuators and pneumatic grippers with out the need of adapter plates for additional savings through fast assembly and reduced machining time.

Pneumatic linear motion components are double acting air cylinders that require a dry air supply with filtering to 40 microns or better. For best control of pneumatic components, flow control valves (regulating out) should be installed to regulate the speed of the device. Position sensors can easily be added to motion components to detect the end of travel positions of the slides, they are the standard method of communication with the PLC and are available in inductive or magneto resistive sensing styles and come in both PNP or NPN sourcing signals.

Retract Stroke Adjustment 5 mm adjustment.
Dowel Holes Standard Slip fit dowel holes in body and tool plate.
Multiple Air Port Locations 4 standard airport location (bottom, back, and both sides).
Recirculating Ball Bearings Rail Slide Preloaded for accuracy, built-in ball retention
Magneto Resistive Sensing Mounting slots and magnet are standard for up to eight sensors (sensors sold separately).
Thru-Body Mounting C'bored holes for socket head cap screw on both sides.
Precision Stops Delrin® internal stops are standard for increased repeatability.
Mounting Patterns Mounting on all six sides (standard)
Bearing Seals Bearing blocks are equipped with low friction seals.
Manifold Air Ports Bottom air ports are C’bored for O-ring manifold seals.
Precision Tool Plate Position Adjustment 5 mm adjustment.
Double Bearing (-D Option) Three longer stroke sizes available with two bearings as an option for greater moment capacity. (Consult sales)
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