Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit with Optional SD Card Data Logger


Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit with Optional SD Card Data Logger

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  • Professional look design portable meters with large LCD display,
  • Meter is designed with BNC connector compatible to any DO galvanic electrode.
  • Hold function, power capacity icon indicator, and automatic power off in 15 minutes andmay disable.
  • RFS (Recover to Factory Setting) function is included.
  • Built-in different temperature compensation selectable: Thermistor 30K, 10K ohm and not 25.0 (manual compensation)
  • DO 100% air self-calibration is convenient and simple. (Calibrated both Saturated DO / zeroDO (Na2SO3) before shipment)
  • Compact DO electrodes supplied with 3M cable and membrane cap, electrolyte.
  • Galvanic electrodes do not require long "warm up" time as polarographic type electrodes (Polarization is requiredabout 10-15 minutes).
  • Applications: Aquariums, Bio-reactions, Environmental testing (lakes, streams, oceans), Water / Waste water treatment, Wine production
  • Tripod receptacle mountable design for long time monitoring purposes.
Instrumentação para Medição de Óxigênio Dissolvido - Ver Produtos Relacionados


The OMEGA™ DOH-10 Series is innovative and easy to operate. The DOH-10 Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit includes Meter, DO Electrode with BNC Connector, NaOH Solution, 3 AAA Batteries, 10 pcs Membrane, Carrying Case, and Calibration Certificate. The -DL Model includes the same plus an 8GB SD Card for Data Logging which allows you to download data from the SD card into an Excel spreadsheet. This allows the user to do further data or graphical analysis without special software. The DOH-10 measures Dissolved Oxygen and has adjustments for altitude and salt. For extended periods of use there is an optional Universal AC Power Adapter which is sold seperately. The DOH-10 has a wide variety of applications from water conditioning, aquariums, and fish hatcheries to food processing, educational and other laboratories.

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