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DP1000 Series

Thermocouple Scanners | DP1000 Series

Thermocouple Scanners

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  • Latching High/Low Alarm 3A (115 Vac) with Manual Reset
  • Large, 31/2 digit, 1.4 cm (0.56") LED for Setpoint and Process Value
  • Rear Screw Terminal Connections with Thermocouple Break
  • Each Channel has Individual, Independent and Programmable Alarm Setpoint with Alarm Indicator
  • RS232 Communications for PC Interface


The DP1000 series has been discontinued. Please contact our Electronic Engineering department for a viable replacement.

10 Point Temperature Scanners. Models are available with Auto or Manual scan with Channel Selection. Monitor Temperatures of up to Ten Type J or K Thermocouples!

DP1000 - Automatic Temperature Scanner/Alarm.
Monitor 6 Type J or K Thermocouples in Automatic or Manual Mode with RS232C Communication

Model No.DP1000*
Range-50 to 1200°C
-58 to 1999°F
Resolution0.1 /1
Accuracy± 0.2%
Scanner Rate2 to 25 sec.
Power85 to 260 Vac
* Dimensions are the same as the DP1096

DP1001A - 10 Channel Temperature Scanners
Auto/Manual Scan Models with Channel Selection
Model No.DP1001A (Auto) and DP1001M (Manual)
SensorType KType JType T
Range °C50 to 1350°C-50 to 750°C-50 to 400°C
            °F50 to 1999°F-50 to 1400°F-50 to 750°F
Dimension180 x 76 x 145 mm (7.1 x 3.0 x 5.7") (Bench Type)
Weight1 kg (2 lb)
Power9 Vdc (ac Power Adaptor 110 Vac/220 Vac included)

DP1096 — 10 Channel 1/4 DIN Indicators
Monitor Temperatures of up to Ten Type J or K Thermocouples

Model No.DP1096KCDP1096KFDP1096JCDP1096JF
Range-50 to 1350°C-60 to 1999°F-50 to 750°C-60 to 1400°F
Accuracy± 0.25%
Dimensions96 x 96 x 90 mm (3.77 x 3.77 x 3.54") (Panel cutout 92 x 92 mm)


Baixar DP1000 Series - Automatic Temperature Scanner
Baixar DP1000 Series - Protocol for DP1000
Baixar DP1001M and DP1001A - 10 Channel Thermometer
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