Temperature Indicators for OS1512 and OS1532 Infrared Sensors and OS1513 and OS1533 Fiber Optic Sensors

DP1500 Superseded Product

Infrared Temperature Indicators | DP1500 Superseded Product

Infrared Temperature Indicators

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  • Precise Non-Contact Temperature Measurement
  • 1 mV/Degree Output Standard
  • Optional Second Output for Process Control or Recording
  • Optional Signal Processing
  • Digital Pushbutton Emissivity Control Assures Precise Setting of Target Emissivity (0.05 to 1.00 in 0.01 Steps)
  • 3 3/4 Digit Display with Temperature Readout


The DP1500 Series has been superseded, please see the OS4000 Series as a possible substitute or consult OMEGA's Temperature Engineering department.

The DP1511, DP1521 and DP1531 non-contact infrared thermal monitoring systems represent a unique technological approach for monitoring and controlling process temperatures. These units combine fiber optics or line-of-sight optics with advanced electronic technology into a system that continuously monitors infrared radiation (a function of temperature) in real time and without physically contacting the target material. The result is a highly reliable system offering outstanding accuracy and repeatability with high response speed.

Built-in synchronous demodulation circuitry helps to minimize or eliminate noise pickup from nearby sources such as motors, induction heating generators, etc.

The DP1511, DP1521 and DP1531 contain all of the electronics necessary to amplify, linearize and process the electronic signal received from the detector head. In addition, they provide a millivolt per degree linear output, as well as an optional second output of 0 to 10 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA, which can be used for process control or recording purposes.

On all three models, the front panel digital pushbutton emissivity control assures precise setting of the target emissivity. If process parameters are changed, this digital control enables the operator to accurately return to the previous settings.

A variety of signal processing options is available (one per unit) such as peak (or valley) sense and hold (when the process temperature sharply rises and falls), signal averaging (to smooth out unwanted variations in the temperature measurement), sample and hold (to sample a temperature and hold it for a specified time), and fast rise variable decay (which is similar to peak and hold, but has a variable decay time). These signal processing options are adjustable by a front panel variable control adjustment.

The DP1521 has four independent input channels with a front panel selector switch, each channel having its own1 mV/degree output as well as its own emissivity adjustment.

The DP1531 is a high speed single channel monitor suitable for use on any high speed event application utilizing the 0.3 msec time constant (0 to 63.2%). This system utilizes an auto-zero circuit (with shutter built into the detector head) to zero out any system drift.

The DP1511 or DP1521 thermal monitoring system consists of a fiber optic assembly and detector head, (or line-of-sight detector head), connecting cable, and meter. The DP1511 and DP1521 monitors are used with either the OS1512 infrared or OS1513 fiber optic sensors.

The DP1531 high speed monitor is used with either the OS1532 infrared or OS1533 fiber optic sensors.

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