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Ultra High Speed Infrared Pyrometer. Three Microsecond Time Constant

DP1581, OS1581Superseded Product

Ultra High Speed Infrared Pyrometer. | DP1581, OS1581Superseded Product

Ultra High Speed Infrared Pyrometer.

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  • Fast IR Temperature Measurements: 3 microsec (0 to 63.2%)
  • Minimum Spot Size: 0.004"
  • Vacuum to: 10–7 Torr
  • Temperature Range:
    370 to 2200°C (700 to 4000°F)
  • Emissivity Setting: 0.1 to 1.0 in 0.01 Steps
  • Backlighting Optional
  • Accuracy: ±1% Full Scale
  • Immune to Electrical Noise and Radiation Fields


The OS1580 Series has been superseded, please see the OS4000 Series as a possible substitute or consult OMEGA's Temperature Engineering department.

The OS1581 Ultra High Speed Infrared Pyrometer with the DP1581 console was developed for temperature measurements of high speed rotating turbine blades used in power plants and in jet engine test stands. However, it is usable for any temperature measurement requiring time constants on the order of 3 µsec.

A flexible fiber optical cable from the detector terminates with a lens in a probe for remotely viewing the target area. Since there are no electronics in the probe, it is immune to electrical noise, radiation fields and, to a large extent, mechanical vibration.

The small size of the probe and flexibility of the fiber optical cable allow viewing of the target in inaccessible tight locations not possible with conventional line of sight optics.

A vacuum bushing allows measurements down to 10 -7 Torr.

Temperatures of targets as small as 0.004" can be measured over a 3:1 temperature section of the full system range with an optical cable up to 30' long.

The outputs are: average (T=3 µsec), average peak (T rise= 3 µsec, T decay= 2.4 msec), maximum peak (T rise= 3 µsec, T decay= 72 msec).

The monitor is mounted on a 19" rack panel that can be placed in an optional NEMA-4 enclosure.

IR2 SUPERMETER® Ultra High Performance 2-Color Ratio Fiber Optic Infrared Temperature Measurement and Control System          Fast Response Infrared Fiber Optic Thermometer/Transmitter with Local Display and Analog Output

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Infrared Pyrometer; temperature range* 370 to 2200°C (700 to 4000°F); (includes 6' cable)
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19" rack mount monitor with multiple high speed outputs for use with OS1581
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NEMA-4 enclosure for DP1581
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High Temperature Blackbody calibration source 205 to 982°C (400 to 1800°F)
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1/2 inch vacuum bushing
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1 inch vacuum bushing
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