Solar Powered & AC Powered LCD Thermistor Thermometers with Ceramic Thermistor Sensors - Discontinued

DP750 Series

Solar Powered Temperature Meter | DP750 Series

Solar Powered Temperature Meter

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  • Low Cost Solar- Powered Meters
  • Ceramic Thermistor Sensor 2° Accuracy
  • Wide Ambient Temperature Range
  • Self Indicating Utilizing Ambient Light
  • 13 mm (0.5") LCD Display
  • Custom Sensor Cable Lengths Available


The DP750F series has been discontinued. Please contact our sales department for help finding a suitable replacement.

The DP750 is an excellent solution for outdoor applications where ac power is not available and wide ambient operating temperature is experienced. Using a 3 volt solar cell, the DP750 will operate with as little as 35 lux (lux is a measure of light; a comfortably lit desk is 300 lux). For example, the ability to operate in temperatures as low as -37°C (-35°F) allows the user to monitor temperatures of pipelines in remote sites. Other applications include walk-in refrigerators/freezers and photographic apparatus. Since it is self-powered, the DP750 can also be used near hot tubs and pools where electrical safety is a concern.

The new DP751A series is a 57 mm (2.25") square, solar-powered LCD meter with a switch for °C/°F display.

The DP752 is available in an ac powered model for use in applications which require a bright LED display and a wide ambient operating range.

The DP753 is a rectangular flush-mounted solar-powered LCD meter with a standard thermistor sensor with a 1.5 m (5') cable.

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