High Performance Panel Indicators with Modular Construction - Discontinued

DP80 Series

Temperature Meter | DP80 Series

Temperature Meter

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  • High Accuracy
  • 14 Thermocouple Input Types
  • 6 RTD Inputs: 4 Platinum, 10 Ohm Copper, and 120 Ohm Nickel Types
  • Thermistor Inputs: YSI 400 and 700 Series
  • Process Inputs: 4 Voltage and 2 Current
  • Easy to Operate and Modify
  • Modular Construction Allows Options to Be Field Installed
  • Single or Double Width Panel
  • Multiple Inputs up to 24 Thermocouples or 12 RTD Inputs
  • Optional Latching or Non-Latching Alarms
  • Scaling and Offset: Easy to Rescale Inputs for Displaying Direct Engineering Units
  • Optional Isolated Analog Output
  • Optional Fully Isolated RS-232/20 mA Digital Outputs
  • Math Expressions: Display the Rate Change, Max/Min. or Timed Average of Measurements
  • Optional DC Power: Fully Isolated 12 or 24 Vdc Power Can Be Used with Floating or Grounded Sensors


The DP80 Series series has been discontinued. Some stock may still be available as shown in the "To Order" section.

DP80 Series digital indicators offer complete expandability to effectively meet your changing needs. A custom designed, integrating voltage-to-frequency A/D converter combined with precision filtering, isolated electronics, and multi-segment digital linearizations lets the DP80 Series accommodate wide measuring ranges at a very high resolution - high enough to achieve laboratory accuracy in process and test measurements. The DP80 Series offer repeatability, reliability, and compatibility with most sensors. Temperature can be measured from -273 to 2318°C (-460 to 4206°F), or 0 to 2592 k, all with 0.1° resolution. DC voltage can be measured to 1 µV and ranges are available up to 100 V. Process voltage and current loops can easily be scaled from the front panel, within 99999 display counts. Strain-gage indicators measure load cells, pressure, torque, thrust, and force with 0.01% precision. Whether you’re measuring the temperature of molten metal or testing jet engine performance, make your choice a DP80 Series digital indicator.

Examples of pricing for popular models is referenced in the "To Order" box. Use the "Part Number Builder" below to get pricing for all available models.


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