DIN Rails, Standard and Pre-Cut Lengths

DRTB-Rail Series

Standard and Pre-Cut Lengths Din Rails ready to ship | Omega | DRTB-Rail Series

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  • 35x7.5 mm & 35x15 mm in 1 Meter & 2 Meter Lengths
  • Steel with Electrolytic Zinc Plating
  • Pre-Cut Lengths Din Rails for Standard Sub-Panel Widths
  • Stand-Off Brackets: 45° Angle and Straight
  • Comply with DIN 50045, 50022 and 50035 Standards
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DRTB-RAIL-3575 with Omega’s DRTB Thermocouple Terminal Blocks with Audit Capabilities The DRTB-Rails Series DIN Rails enhances design capabilities, saves space and reduces labor. DIN rails have been accepted throughout the world, allowing the designer to mount a wide variety on control components, devices and terminal blocks, etc. on the same rail. DRTB-Rails are perforated steel with electrolytic zinc plating and available in 35x7.5mm and 35x15 mm sizes. These DIN rails comply with DIN 50045, 50022 and 50035 standards.

Pre-Cut DIN Rails
Pre-cut DIN rails are offered in widths to match enclosure sizes. An enclosure, 12H x 10” W, would use DRTB-RAIL-10. This DIN rail measures 8.75" wide, just short of the 8.88" wide sub-panel.

Support Brackets
Support brackets elevate DIN rails away from the sub-panel to facilitate component wiring access. Angled brackets tilt the DIN rails by 45° to improve visibility. Straight brackets are available in three heights for optimum positioning of the rails.

Dimensions mm(in)
      Brackets include screws
      & lock washers
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