65 AND 150 mm Variable Area Flow Meters

FL-3200, FL-3300, FL-3400, FL-3500 Series

65 AND 150 mm Variable Area Flow Meters | FL-3200, FL-3300, FL-3400, FL-3500 Series

65 AND 150 mm Variable Area Flow Meters

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  • ±2% FS Accuracy
  • Non-Rotating Seal Spindle
  • Easy-to-Read Scale Design
  • Special Dimensions for Interchangeability
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The OMEGA™ precision variablearea variable area flow meters can measure flows of air, water, and gases, with up to ±2% FS accuracy and 0.25% FS repeatability (models ending in "07" or "45" have ±5% FS accuracy). These units feature an easy-to-read millimeter scale and come with correlation charts for air and water. The scale is fused on the metering tube in 1 mm (3/32") increments, which enables a user to read the flow rate with the highest accuracy.
The scale design, in which a vertical line runs through the length of the scale and intersects the horizontal scale divisions, reduces parallax and eye fatigue, thus ensuring highaccuracy readings (see inset, next page). The front polycarbonate resin shield is also curved to act as a magnifying glass, which yields superior performance over other variable area flow meters with standard designs.
Non-Rising Stem Needle Valve
The 150 mm size flowmeters are also available with a non-rising stem type needle valve for special applications. This 15-turn metering valve has superior flow-rate control, and is particularly suited to use in chromatography applications. The sliding tapered-needle mechanism virtually eliminates sticking or buildup due to foreign matter in the fluid stream, without variations or saw-toothing of the flow rate.
Shielded for Pressurized Systems
These variable area flow meters, with precisionbored borosilicate glass metering tubes, are fully shielded against breakage. A white opaque rear shield provides a background to aid in discerning the float position.
Panel Mounting Design
These variable area flow meters are equipped with horizontal ports and NPT threads for easy panel mounting. The ports have external threads and are equipped with panel retaining nuts. No additional mounting hardware is required. Simply drill 2 holes 114 mm (4.500") apart (center to center) for 65 mm units, 224 mm (8.813") apart (center to center) for 150 mm units. Each hole should be 16 mm (5/8") in diameter.
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