High-capacity In-line Flowmeters - Discontinued


High-capacity In-line Flowmeters | FL-45200A

High-capacity In-line Flowmeters

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  • Direct Reading Scales
  • One-Piece Molded Polysulfone
  • Floats Available in 316SS or TFE
  • 316SS Float Guide Reduces Float Oscillation
  • Low Pressure Drop


Discontinued, replaced by FL75-Series

FL45200 Series flowmeters feature a rugged, one-piece meter body of heat- and chemical-resistant injection molded polysulfone. Half union connectors couple the meter body to 2" FPT polysulfone adaptors at each end of the flowmeter; O-ring seals are FKM ; and floats are 316 stainless steel or TFE (depending on calibration). Permanent, screen-printed scales are positioned directly in front of the float for easy reading. The 316SS float guide reduces float oscillation and protects critical float surfaces. FL45200 Series flowmeters may be ordered with Hastelloy C floats and Hastelloy or TFE material float guides (depending on calibration), for use in harsh environments. These high quality materials make the FL45200 Series flowmeters suitable for many applications where glass or metal flowmeters are usually required.
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