High Flowrate Mass Controllers and Meters for All Clean Gases  - Discontinued

FMA-700A and FMA-800A

High Flowrate Mass Controllers and Meters for All Clean Gases | FMA-700A and FMA-800A

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  • ±1% Accuracy (Up to 500 SLM), ±0.2% Repeatability
  • Low Cost
  • For Flowrates Up to 1000 SLM
  • Normally Closed Valve for Added Safety
  • Fast Response
  • Altitude Insensitive
  • Removable Sensing Tube Assembly


The FMA-700A/800A series has been discontinued. Please see the FMA2700/FMA2800 and FMA3700/FMA3800 series as a possible alternative or contact our Flow Engineering department.

The OMEGA™ FMA-700A and 800A Series mass flowmeters and controllers extend the range of mass flow measurement and control from 0 to 5 SCCM to 1000 SLM with 50:1 turndown capability. Like all mass flow sensors, these new units measure mass flow rate directly, without the need for temperature or pressure corrections.

The FMA-700A and 800A Series work on the heated bypass sensor tube principle. The units feature corrosion resistant stainless steel and FKM construction and a 325 mesh (44 micron) inlet screen to prevent contamination of the sensor. The flow body and valve leak less than 10-8 atm-cc/sec of helium. In the event of a power failure, the valve is normally closed.

The FMA-78P2 and FMA-78P4 are 2- and 4-channel readout/power supply/setpoint control electronic boxes for use with FMA-700A and 800A Series mass flow sensors. The units feature 000.0 to 102.4% of full scale display, a ±15 Vdc power supply, setpoint potentiometers (for mass flow controllers), power cord, and an electrical connector for hookup of the electronics boxes’ outputs.

The FMA-78P Series rate indicators/electronics packages also have back-panel blend control switches that select independent/slave operations for each channel (channel 1 is the master), and the units include a 0 to 5 Vdc output for each channel for chart recording, data acquisition, or computer interfacing.

Accuracy: ±1% full scale (up to 500 SLM), ±2% full scale for 750 to 1000 SLM
Repeatability: ±0.2% full scale
Turndown Ratio: 50:1
Response Time: 2.0 seconds
Analog Setpoint:
   0 to 5 Vdc: Voltage output models
   4 to 20 mA: Current output models
Linear Output:
   Standard: 0 to 5 Vdc into 2000 Ω min.
   Optional: 4 to 20 mA, into 200 to 750 Ω
Max Pressure:
   FMA-760A to FMA-772A: 1000 psig
   FMA-773A to 778A: 200 psig
   FMA-860A to FMA-874A: 1500 psig
   FMA-875A to FMA-878A: 1000 psig
Pressure Coefficient: 0.1% typical
Differential Pressure:
   FMA-800A Series: 0.5 psid
   FMA-700A Series: No less than 20% of supply pressure, depending on parameters
Temperature Range (Gas and Ambient): -10 to 70°C (14 to 158°F)
Temperature Coefficient: 0.05% full scale/°C
Wetted Parts: 316 SS body and sensing tube assembly, FKM elastomers, other materials available
Voltage Output Models: 12 Vdc (±5%) or 15 Vdc (±10%)
mA Output Models: 15 Vdc (±5%) or 24 Vdc (±15%)
Current Consumption:
   FMA-800A: <45 mA DC
   FMA-700A: <250 mA DC
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