High Pressure, High Repeatability Mass Flowmeters for Clean Gases


High Pressure, High Repeatability Mass Flowmeters for Clean Gases | FMA-8500

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  • Up to ±1% Full Scale Accuracy
  • ±0.25% of Rate Repeatability
  • 316 SS Wetted Parts
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • For Use With Clean, Non-Coating Gases up to 4500 psig
  • Calibrations Available up to 1500 psig


This flowmeter is precise and sophisticated. It must be accurately calibrated for application conditions. If in doubt, consult OMEGA’s Flow Department.

OMEGA™ FMA-8500 Series high pressure mass flowmeters feature a superior ±0.25% repeatability for accurate measurement and control of gas flow. The flow sensor produces a 0 to 5 Vdc output signal linear to the mass flow rate for use in recording, indicating, or control purposes.

Accuracy: ±1% full scale at 16 to 27°C (60 to 80°F) and 10 to 40 psig; ±2% full scale at 4 to 38°C (40 to 100°F) and 5 to 150 psig
Repeatability: ±0.25%
Time Constant: Three seconds to reach 98% of final value
Max Pressure:Up to 4500 psi at 66°C (150°F)
Pressure Drop: 10" water, max
Ambient Temperature Range: 4 to 66°C (40 to 150°F)
Output: 0 to 5 Vdc into 1000 Ω min load; 3 mV rms max ripple
Power: ±15 Vdc; 0.6 W max power consumption
Fittings: ¼" 316 SS compression fitting O-Rings/Gaskets: PFA
Transducer Assembly: 316 SS
Leak Rate: 10-9 atm/cc-Helium
Pressure Coefficient: 0.03% shift within ±200 psig of the calibrated pressure

Model No.Range
FMA-8500-(*)0 to 10 SCCM
FMA-8501-(*)0 to 20 SCCM
FMA-8502-(*)0 to 50 SCCM
FMA-8503-(*)0 to 100 SCCM
FMA-8504-(*)0 to 200 SCCM
FMA-8505-(*)0 to 500 SCCM
FMA-8506-(*)0 to 1000 SCCM
FMA-8507-(*)0 to 2000 SCCM
FMA-8508-(*)0 to 5000 SCCM
FMA-8509-(*)0 to 10 SLM
FMA-8510-(*)0 to 20 SLM

(*) You must specify gas and inlet/outlet pressure when ordering.

1) Select the core part number from the range code table above.
2) Add the gas and inlet/output pressure information after the core p/n, eg.: FMA-8501-Nitrogen,20/0 psig (This is a FMA-8501 0 to 20 SCCM, flowmeter for nitrogen, with an inlet pressure of 20 psi, and outlet pressure of 0 psi)
3) Enter the Constructed part number in the "Order Specific Models Here" table below!
4) You will then add the p/n to your cart and check out with a non-std p/n.
5)We will confirm by email and/or telecon price and availability after the order is placed.
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