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FSW-130 Series

Flow Switch | Brass | Mini
 | FSW-130 Series

Flow Switch | Brass | Mini

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1 ano de garantia CE
  • Only 25 x 70 mm (1 x 2³/4")
  • Sturdy Brass Construction
  • No Switch-Point Adjustment
Medidores de Vazão tipo Área Variável, Rotâmetros e Chaves de Fluxo - Ver Produtos Relacionados


Measuring only 25 x 70 mm (1 x 2¾"), these FSW-130 Series compact switches are ideal for use where space is at a premium. Designed for use with water and oil, these switches are suitable for high volume OEM applications. They are ideal for coolant or lubricant flow monitoring in portable equipment and many other applications with space constraints. The switch points are based on water flow; oil switch points are dependent on the oils properties, and field testing is recommended.

Wetted Materials:
Housing and Piston: Brass
Spring: 316 stainless steel
Maximum Pressure: 69 bar (1000 psig)
Operating Temperature: -29 to 93.3°C (-20 to 200°F)
Set Point Accuracy: ±15%
Set Point Differential: 20% maximum
Relay: SPST, 20 VA
Inlet/Outlet Ports: ¼ NPT
Electrical Termination: No. 18 AWG, 610 mm (24") L, PVC lead wires
Weight: 9 oz (255 g)
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Brass flow switch 0.10 GPM switch point
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Brass flow switch 0.25 GPM switch point
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Brass flow switch 0.50 GPM switch point
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Brass flow switch 0.75 GPM switch point
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Brass flow switch 1.00 GPM switch point
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Brass flow switch 1.50 GPM switch point
Preços indicados em Reais e já incluem todos os impostos e taxas de acordo com a legislação vigente. Nota: Comes complete with operator’s manual.

Flow settings are calibrated using water at 21°C (70°F) on increasing flow, with units in a vertical position. Care should be taken to ensure fluid compatibility with the above listed wetted materials.

Use of 50 micron filtration is recommended.

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