PVDF Turbine Meter

FTB890 Series



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  • Both Rate and Total Indication
  • Field Replaceable Internal Part
  • PVDF Model is FM Approved
  • Battery Operated–Battery Included
  • For Use with Many Aggressive Chemicals
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The OMEGA™ FTB890 industrial meter turbines are available with either ½ or 1 NPT fittings. Each turbine is designed to work with onboard computer electronics and/or with one of several accessory modules that can interface to a wide variety of reporting and collecting devices.

Liquid flows through the turbine housing causing an internal rotor to spin. As the rotor spins, an electrical signal is generated in the pickup coil. The electrical signal provides the output necessary to operate the on-board computer electronics for local indication. The display can be installed directly on the turbine, or one of several accessory modules that transmit the signal to external equipment.

    Linear Range:
    ½" Size: 10:1 @ ±2% of reading;
    1" Size: 10:1 @ ±1.5% of reading
    Extended Range:
    ½" Size: 20:1 @ ±5.0% of reading;
    1" Size: 20:1 @ ±5.0% of reading
Repeatability: ±0.3%
Pressure Rating: 100 PSIG (6.9 bar)
Wetted Components:
    Housing: PVDF
    Journal Bearings: Ceramic (98% Alumina)
    Shaft: Ceramic (98% Alumina)
    Rotor and Supports: PVDF
    O-Rings: FKM
Operating Temperature Range:
    With Remote Electronics: -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F)
    No Electronics: -28 to 82°C (-20 to 180°F)
Battery Life: 5 years nominal
Power: Two 3V lithium batteries (included)
Viscosity: Calibrated to 1 cSt (water) meters with display can be used for fluids up to 100 cSt with field calibration
FM Approvals: Turbine meters with display and no accessories are FM approved for Class 1 Div. 1 hazardous environments
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