FT-SMC Series

Thermoplastic Quick Couplings Subminiature Coupling
 | FT-SMC Series

Thermoplastic Quick Couplings Subminiature Coupling

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  • Medical and Surgical Instrumentation
  • Air Logic Systems
  • Pneumatic Control Systems
  • Disposable Medical Devices
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FT-SMC Series quick disconnect couplings bring reliability, economy and added convenience to users of very small diameter flexible plastic tubing. OMEGA's FT-SMC coupling is a reliable quick connect system for easy servicing and quick component replacement. Available for in-line, panel mount and pipe thread configurations. FT-SMC couplings are a reliable alternative to luer-type connections in medical instruments and devices. The reliable O-ring seal makes a leak-free connection every time.

FT-SMC Series Features:
Leak-free seal– Replaceable O-Ring seal makes a reliable pressure or vacuum seal.
Small size and clean appearance– Space saving couplings for in-line, panel mount and pipe thread tubing connections. Easy-to-use positive locking– Reliable snap-lock is quick and dependable, for uses in atmospheres from vacuum to 100 psi.
Eliminates kinking, twisting and accidental unlocking– Design allows tubing to swivel independently of locking mechanism. This prevents the accidental unlocking that is typical of luer type connections.
Corrosion Resistant– Thermoplastic acetal and polypropylene are compatible with FDA and chemical applications.
Single side shutoff– Automatically stops flow when coupling is disconnected. Available for 1/16", 1/8" and 3 mm connectors, body side only.
Gamma sterilizable– Available in polycarbonate.

Working Pressure: Vacuum to 100 psi, 6.9 Bar
Operating Temperature: Acetal -40 to 82°C (-40 to 180°F) Polypropylene 0 to 82°C (32 to 180°F)
Coupling: Acetal, Polypropylene
Locking Sleeves: Acetal
Shutoff Valves: Polypropylene
Valve Spring: 316 Stainless Steel
Seals: Buna with Acetal, EPR with Polypropylene
Tubing Size: 1/16" and 1/8" ID, 3 mm, 4 mm ID

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