2-Channel Thermocouple Thermometer with Data Logging


Handheld Thermocouple Thermometer with Data Logging | HH147AU

Handheld Thermocouple Thermometer with Data Logging

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  • Thermocouple Types K, J, T, E, R, S, N
  • Large Backlit LCD with 5-Digit Display
  • Dual LCD Displays T1, T2 and T1-T2
  • Max, Min, Avg, Time, Rel and Data Hold Functions
  • Selectable °C/°F/°K Units
  • Stores 300 Reading Manually
  • Data Logging Capacity 14,000 Records
  • Auto Power-Off with Disable Function
  • Hi/Lo Audible Alarm Functions
  • Logistics
  • Industrial
  • Refrigeration
  • Laboratory
  • Ventilation
  • Automotive
  • Storage
  • Agriculture
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food Processing
  • Energy Management
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The HH147AU is a 2-channel thermometer with data logging capabilities and a capacity of 14,000 records. It offers an wide array of value added features including: accepting 7 different thermocouple types, large backlit LCD with 5-digits, dual displays (T1, T2 or T1-T2) with the maximum reading of 9999.9, relative (REL) measurement, selectable °C/°F/K units, stores 300 readings manually, max/min/avg/time and data hold functions, auto power-off with disable function, and hi/lo audible alarm functions. A USB PC serial interface and cable are also included for connectivity to a PC.

Accuracy is specified for ambient temperatures between 18 to 28°C (64 to 82°F).
Thermocouple Ranges:
    K Type: -200 to 1372°C (-328 to 2501°F)
    J Type: -210 to 1200°C (-346 to 2192°F)
    T Type: -250 to 400°C (-418 to 752°F)
    E Type: -210 to 1000°C (-346 to 1832°F)
    R/S Type: 0 to 1767°C (32 to 3212°F)
    N Type: -150 to 1300°C (-238 to 2372°F)
    K / J / T / E / N Type: 0.1°
    R/S Type:
    K / J / T / E / N Type: ±(0.05% rdg, 0.7°C/1.4°F) -250 to -100°C (-418 to -148°F) ±(0.05% rdg, 0.6°C/1°F) -100 to 1372°C (-148 to 2501°F)
    R/S Type: ±(0.05% rdg, 2°C/4°F) 0 to 1767°C (32 to 3212°F)
Temperature Coefficient: 0.01% 0.03°C of read value/°C (0.06°F/°F) outside 18 to 28°C (64 to 82°F) specified range [Under -100°C (-148°F): 0.04% of read value added to K, J, T, E, and 0.08% read value added to N]
Temperature Scale: ITS-90
Battery Life: Approximately 100 hours
Operation and Storage Temperature and Humidity: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F), < 80% RH
Dimensions: 155 L x 56 W x 40 D mm (6.10 x 2.20 x 1.57")
Weight: Approximately 170 g (0.37 lb)
USB PC Serial Interface: Windows® XP/7/8/10
* The above specifications do not include error of thermocouple
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