Stick Type Light Meters


Stick Type Light Meters | HHLM-2, HHLM-1, HHLM-1MV

Stick Type Light Meters

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  • Accuracy: ±3% + 10 digits (CIE @ 2856k (A))
  • Pure White Light Accuracy ±3%
  • Portability and Simplicity– One-Hand Operation
  • Accurate Visible Compensation Filter f* 1 is Used
  • Measurment Rate 2.5/sec
  • Range: From 20 to 200000 Lux , Analog Output
  • Selective Lux and fc Function Model: HHLM-2
  • Meter with Backlit LCD Display
  • Switch on Features with MAX/PEAK/DATA HOLD
  • Transducer with Retract Cable Expands to 1 m
  • Dim: 170 H x 44 W x 40 D mm (6.7 x 1.8 x 1.6")
  • Valox Housing to Withstand Accidental Drops
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The HHLM-1 & HHLM-2 series will be discontinued by September 5, 2018. Please see the HHLM3 as a possible alternative or contact our Flow Engineering department.

Light Meter Selection Guide
Backlit LCD 
ƒ1 compensation
ƒ2 diffuser < 2%150°150°150°
Lux measurement
fc measurement  
Range Lux fc20~200,00020~20,00020~200,000
Resolution Lux fc0.010.010.01
Data hold 
Max hold  
PEAK hold  
Signal output 
Pure white light w/o
ƒ1 compensation
Battery x 4AAA sizeAAA sizeAAA size


Baixar HHLM-1 - Digital Light Meter
Baixar HHLM-2 - Digital Light Meter
Baixar HHLM-1MV - Light Transducer
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