Flexible AC Current Probes

HHM800 Series

Flexible AC Current Probes | HHM800 Series

Flexible AC Current Probes

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1 ano de garantia CE
  • Models Ranging from 30 Amp rms to 30,000 Amp rms
  • Accuracy 1% of Reading
  • True rms Measurement When Connected to a True rms Instrument
  • No Core Saturation or Damage if Overloaded
  • Overrange LED for Measurement Circuitry
  • 1000 V IEC 1010 Cat III, CE Mark
  • Waterproof Sensor
  • 9 V Battery for Typical 150 Hour Continuous Operation
  • Custom Pre-Shaping of Sensor Before Use (No Drooping)
  • Very High Frequency Response
  • Low Phase Shift for Power Measurements
  • Insensitive to DC, Measures Only AC Component on DC+AC Signals
  • Excellent Linearity
  • Lightweight Design


The HHM800 Series has an mV output proportional to the current measured for direct readings on DMM’s, loggers, oscilloscopes and power or harmonic meters. The length of the flexible sensor can be selected from 610 mm (24") to 1520 mm (60"). Model Numbers and corresponding current range (A) are reflected below.
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