Differential Manometer, Dual Input

HHP886 Series

Differential Manometer, Dual Input | HHP886 Series

Differential Manometer, Dual Input

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  • Dual Display and Dual Pressure Inputs
  • Displays Input 1, Input 2 or Differential Pressure
  • User Selectable Units, psi, mbar, inH2O and mmH2O
  • Protective Rubber Boot Included
  • USB Communications with Data Logging Software Optional
Instrumentação para Medições de Pressão e Tensão - Ver Produtos Relacionados


Omega's HHP886 Series manometers feature a dual pressure input (P1 and P2) and a dual display which can be set to simultaneously display P1 and P2 or P1 and the differential pressure (P1 - P2). Pressure is displayed in one of four user selectable units and a record function will store the MAX, MIN, MAX-MIN and AVG pressure for each channel for later viewing. Models are also available with a USB connection or wireless interface for real time data logging to a computer. Software allows the user to display the data in a graphical format or export the data to Excel or text files for further manipulation.

Measurement Range and Resolution:

    psi: ±2.0000
    mbar: ±150.00
    inH2O: ±60.00
    mmH2O: ±1500.0
Accuracy: ±1.5% FS @ 23 ±5°C, < 75% RH
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Compatible Media: Clean, dry, non-corrosive gases
Battery: 4 "AAA" (included)
Battery Life: 200 hours (low battery indicator on display)
Auto Power Off: When enabled by user unit will power off after 15 minutes with no buttons pressed
Transmit Distance: 25 m (82') without magnetic interference
Pressure Ports: Hose barbs for 4 mm ID flexible tubing (included)
Dimensions: 177 H x 83 W x 40 mm D (7.0 x 3.3 x 1.6")
Weight: 230 g (8.1 oz) (including batteries)
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