Hollow Tube Thermocouple Probe

HTTC36-(*) Series

Hollow Tube Thermocouple | HTTC36-(*) Series

Hollow Tube Thermocouple

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  • 1m (40") PFA Insulated Lead Wire Epoxy Potted into a Stainless Steel Sheath
  • Probe Rated up to 450°F
  • Probe Diameters of 1 /16 ", 1 /8 ", 3 /16 " and 1 /4 "
  • J, K, T, E, N Calibrations
  • Glass Insulated Leads Available for Higher Temperatures (up to 900°F)
  • Made with Special Limits of Error Wire
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This alternative to our TJ style probe offers a more compact size and an economical price. It is designed to meet the requirements of limited space applications, without the metal transition fitting or strain relief spring.
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