HX98 Series

Relative Humidity Transmitters | HX98 Series

Relative Humidity Transmitters

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  • Waterproof Sensing Element and Housing
  • Compact Transmitter with Built-in Sensor
  • Bulk Polymer Resistance RH Sensor
  • RTD Temperature Measurement Sensor
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Resistant to Contamination


• Greenhouses
• Textile Mills
• Food Processing
• Shipping Containers
• Swimming Pools

OMEGA’S new Relative Humidity Transmitter is a waterproof RH sensing element and package which is ideally suited for monitoring relative humidity and temperature in high RH/harsh environment applications or where washdowns are required. The unit is designed for continuous monitoring of relative humidity and temperature with ±2% RH accuracy.

Both the sensor and electronics are contained in an epoxy-hardened enclosure designed for continuous service. A water-tight membrane filter is installed over the RH sensor for increased protection against high RH, contaminants and washdowns. The unit is designed to withstand 100% saturation.

The sensor incorporates a bulk polymer resistance element. The polymer is impervious to most contaminants and, since it is a bulk resistance device, surface contaminants such as dust will not alter the accuracy of the readings.
The unit is provided with continuous temperature compensation which adjusts for temperature-induced change in the RH sensor output. The compensation provides high measurement accuracy over the entire operating range of the instrument.
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