General Purpose Micro-Fog Air Line Lubricators for Compressed Air

L07-200-MPAA Series Inline Lubricator

Air line Lubricator | L07-200-MPAA Series Inline Lubricator

Air line Lubricator

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  • Compact Design with 360° Visibility Sight-Feed Dome
  • Provides Air Line Lubrication to One or More Air Tools or Devices
  • Screw on Transparent Polycarbonate Bowl
  • Bowl Size 31 ml (1 fl oz)
  • Disassemble Without Tools or Removal From the Air Line
  • 1/4" PTF Ports, Reducer Bushing Available for 1/8" Ports
  • Minimum Flow Requirement 0.24 dm3/s (0.5 scfm) @ 6.3 bar (90 psig)
  • Maximum Pressure 10 bar (150 psig)
  • Combination Filter/Regulator Lubricator Kit Available
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General purpose mirco-fog air line lubricators are designed for in-line use as a single source lubrication for compressed air. These micro-fog lubricators have a 360° visible sight-feed dome for easy adjustment and monitoring. They include PTF threads, screw on-off transparent bowl which holds 31 ml (1 fl oz), and require a minimum air flow of 0.24 dm3/s (0.5 scfm) at 6.3 bar (90 psig). They are suitable for a wide range of pneumatic air line tools and components. These units can be panel mounted with a 30 mm (1.19") diameter mounting hole or can be used with the optional bracket and panel nut.

Operating Temperature*: -20 to 50°C (0 to 125°F)
Maximum Pressure: 10 bar (150 psig)
    Body: Zinc
    Bowl: Transparent polycarbonate
    Sight-Feed Dome: Transparent nylon
    Elastomers: Neoprene and nitrile
*Air supply must be dry enough to avoid ice formation at temperatures below 2°C (35°F)
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