Large Displays Panel or Wall Mount


Large Displays Panel  or Wall Mount | LDB-Series

Large Displays Panel or Wall Mount

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  • Bright 60 or 100 mm (2.3 or 4") Red or Green Digits
  • Wall, Suspension or Panel Mount
  • Full NEMA 4 (IP65) Metal Enclosure
  • Control, Alarm and Retransmission Capability with Field Installable Cards
  • Power Options of 85 to 260 Vac and 11 to 36 Vdc Sensor Power Built-In
  • Display of Current, Max or Min Values
  • Temperature: Thermocouples K, T, J, E, R, S, N, C; RTD/Pt100
  • Process: 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 20 mA, ±10 Vdc, 0 to 10 Vdc
  • Rate, Total, Count, Period: PNP, NPN, Namur, Inductive, TTL, Quadrature
  • Clock: Time, Timer with Start, Stop and Reset
  • Remote Display: ASCII RS232, RS485, Modbus RTU
  • Applications
  • Ideal for Informing Customers and Colleagues of Key Information
  • Time Keeping, Incident Free Days, Output, Productivity, Targets
  • Product/Piece Counting or Production Rate Indication
Temporizadores, Contadores e Medidores de Temperatura - Ver Produtos Relacionados


The LDB Series of large displays offer a wide range of measurement, alarm, and display capabilities for all types of industrial and commercial applications. Data can be seen at distances of up to 50 m (160') and by a large audience.

OMEGA LDB Series Large Displays for Industrial Applications
These displays can provide control, alarms, and/or retransmission of measured data with field-installable options for relay or transistor outputs, SSR controls, analog retransmission signals, and communications in Modbus RTU, RS485 or RS232 ASCII protocols. All circuits are isolated for reliable performance and protection.

The LDB series features a full NEMA 4 (IP65) metallic housing, designed to be panel mounted, wall mounted or suspended. The front keypad allows for easy configuration, and an optional remote keypad is also available.

The front lens is made from anti-reflective tinted methacrylate, which provides a sharp and clear reading at long distances. Additionally, 5 levels of LED brightness allow for adjustments to suit most environments.

Available Models and Features









Main Function


(4 digit only)








Pt100 (2 and 3 wires)
Thermocouples J, K, T, E, S, R, N, C

Pulse counter up to 250 kHz
Ratemeter up to 500 kHz
Period up to 1000 sec.

Hours, minutes, seconds, tenths
and cents of second Hour or decimal format

Modbus RTU protocol

RS-232 ASCII protocol

RS-485 ASCII protocol

Digit Height

60mm (2.36”) or 100mm (4”)

Excitation Voltage

5 to 20Vdc (max. 35mA)


5 to 18Vdc (max. 70mA)

5 to 18Vdc (max. 70mA)




Power High

85 to 265 Vac; 120-370 Vdc (isolated 2,500 Vac)

Power Low

11 to 36 Vdc (isolated 1500 Vdc)

(meter only)

60 mm (2.3”):  4 Digit = 3,0 W, 6 Digit = 3,50 W; 100 mm (4”) 4 Digit =5,25 W, 6 Digit = 5,50 W

Env. Protection

Full IP65 (NEMA 4) housing


Front Keypad (Optional remote control)


Panel, wall, suspended

Display Digits & Range: Six 999999/-199999 or four 9999/-1999
Decimal Point: Configurable
LED Color: Red standard; Green optional
Digit Height: 60 mm (2.36") or 100 mm (4")
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Connections: Plug-in screw terminal
Signal Wire Diameter: Max. 0.5 mm²
Power Wire Diameter: Max. 2.5 mm²
Process Meter
Signal Ranges: 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 Vdc, ±20 mA, ±10 Vdc
Excitation Voltage: 20 Vdc, 15 Vdc, 10 Vdc, 5 Vdc (max. 35 mA)
Accuracy: 0.05% F.S. ±1 digit
Offset Drift: 10 ppm/ºC
Span Drift: 25 ppm/ºC (includes offset drift)
Read Rate: 15 readings/second
Refresh Rate: 15/second
Response Time: <120 mSec. (0 to 99% signal)
Input impedance: 11 Ohm for mA, 932 k(O) for Vdc
Temperature Meter (4-Digit Only)
Pt100: 2 or 3 wire
Resolution: 1º or 0.1º
Measuring Range: 800 to -200ºC (1472 to -328ºF)
Accuracy: ±0.2º
Cable Compensation: Automatic up to 14 Ω
Offset Drift: 0.05%
Span Drift: 0.10% (includes offset drift)
Thermocouples: J, K, T, E, S, R, N, C, L
Measuring Ranges: See user manual
Accuracy: ±2º to ±4º depending on thermocouple type
Thermocouple Cold Junction: Automatic (configurable)
Offset Drift: 0.05 to 0.2%
Span Drift: 0.02 to 0.2% (includes offset drift)
Rate, Total Meter
Signals Accepted: NPN, PNP, Namur, pick-up, TTL, inductive, mechanical, quadrature
Excitation Voltage: 5 Vdc, 9 Vdc, 15 Vdc, 18 Vdc (max. 70 mA)
Maximum Vdc at Input Terminals: ±30 Vdc
Quartz Accuracy: ±0.01%
Thermal Stability: 20 ppm/ºC
Display Refresh: 15/second
Maximum Frequencies:
    Counter: up to 250 KHz
    Rate Meter and Period: meter up to 500 KHz
Minimum Frequencies: Rate meter and period meter down to 1 mHz (0.001 Hz)
Clock, Timer, Chronometer
Reading, Formats:
    4-Digit: mm.ss, hh.mm, dd.hh, ssss, sss.s, ss.ss, mmmm, mmm.m, mm.mm, hhhh, hhh.h, hh.hh
    6-Digit: mm.ss.cc, hh.mm.ss, dd.hh.mm, mmmm.ss, hhhh.mm, dddd.hh, ssssss, sssss.s, ssss.ss, mmmmmm, mmmmm.m, mmmm.mm, hhhhhh, hhhhh.h, hhhh.hh (c=1/100 sec, s=sec., m=min., h=hour, d=day)
Counting Direction: Up, down
Controls: Start, stop, reset
Control Activation: Volt-free contact (default), configurable for push-pull, NPN, PNP, inductive
Maximum Vdc at Input Terminals: ±30 Vdc
Reset Control: Remote, front panel and on alarm
Accuracy: 100 ppm
Display Refresh: 12/second, reading memory maintained in case of power loss
Modbus RTU, RS485, RS232 Meter
    Speed: 38,400 bps to 600 bps
    Data Format: 8n1, 8e1, 8o1,8n2, Bus terminator not included, Watchdog configurable from 1 to 120 seconds
Modbus RTU:
    Bus: RS485
    Function: “slave” for Modbus RTU protocol
    Addresses: 1 to 247
    Protocol: ASCII
    Bus: RS485
    Function: Repeater for ASCII code
    Addresses: 1 to 31
    Protocol: ASCII
    Bus: RS232
    Function: Repeater for ASCII code
    Addresses: 1 to 31 (“daisy-chain” connections)


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