Liquid Level Optic Sensors - Discontinued

LVF-210 Series

 | LVF-210 Series

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  • Pulsed, Infrared Light Excitation (Leak Detection Solution)
  • 1 AMP SPST Relay Standard
  • Impervious to Most Ambient Light Conditions
  • Mounted any Orientation, Wet or Dry
  • NEMA-6 (IP68) Submersible Sensor and Cable


The LVF-200-R Series has been discontinued. Please see the LVE-115/116 Series as a possible alternative or contact our Flow Engineering department.

The LVF-200-R Series optic sensor creates a pulsed beam of infrared light which is reflected on the oblique flat sensor tip. If the tip is dry, the light beam is recognized and if it is wet, the beam reflects back into the liquid.The optic sensor is factory calibrated for use with clear or translucent liquids. The shape and optic characteristics of the oblique flat optical surface provide a high level of optical efficiency, including resistance to ambient light and process condensation Although the sensor offers very broad liquid compatibility, it is not recommended for use with coating or highly specular liquids. Ideal for leak detection.
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