Compact Liquid Level Switches

LVK-130, LVK140 and LVK150

Compact Liquid Level Switches | LVK-130, LVK140 and LVK150

Compact Liquid Level Switches

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  • Low Cost, Large Volume OEM Models
  • Easy to Install, Vertical Mounting
  • Reliable Reed Switch Design
  • LVK-150 Available for Turbulent Tank Condition
  • Rugged, Shock and Vibration Resistant
  • Direct Actuation of Float at Liquid Level
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Offering high reliability at low cost, the LVK-130 and LVK-140 Series level switch is recommended for many OEM applications. Extremely compact, the switch is ideal for restricted or limited space. The reed switch design allows the user to select as either normally open or normally closed by simply removing the retaining clip and inverting the position of the float. When turbulent tank conditions prevail, the LVK-150 Series level switch will provide highly stable and accurate level detection. A protective slosh shield provides a means of dampening turbulent liquids. The all polypropylene construction is ideal for beverage dispensing and ice machines. The sensor mounts vertically at either the top or bottom of the tank and is extremely easy to install.

Switch: SPST
Switch Actuation: Approx. midway of float travel in liquid with a specific gravity of 1.0
Lead Wires: 22 AWG, 60.9 mm (24") long
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