Ultrasonic Level Sensors

LVU-150-R Series

Ultrasonic Level Switch Sensor | LVU-150-R Series

Ultrasonic Level Switch Sensor

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1 ano de garantia RoHS
  • Not Sensitive to Changes In Viscosity, Density, or Conductivity
  • 1 A SPST Relay Standard
  • Resists Vapor and Turbulence
  • NEMA 6 (IP68) Submersible Sensor and Cable
  • Compatible with LVM-50 Series Single Switch Fitting Assemblies
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OMEGA’s ultrasonic sensors deliver accurate and reliable liquid level detection with an SPST mechanical relay output. The technology provides a high level of ultrasonic sensitivity, including resistance to vapor and turbulence. The ultrasonic sensor utilizes a fork-shaped sensor which contains two piezoelectric crystals, one of which acts as the ultrasonic transmitter, and the other as a receiver. If the air gap between the points of the fork fills with liquid, the sonic wave passes from one crystal to the other.
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