Self-Powered Thermocouple Reference Junction, Portable, Miniaturized Circuitry

LXCJ Series

Thermocouple Reference Junction | LXCJ Series

Thermocouple Reference Junction

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  • Completely Portable, Self-Contained
  • Miniaturized Circuitry, Hermetically Sealed
  • Extreme Environmental Applications
  • Instantaneous Use
  • Built-In Battery Test Indicator
  • No Warm-Up
  • Long Life
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LXCJ has been DISCONTINUED. Please refer to the mcj.html for the latest model .

Design Features
Immediate Operation: Self-contained battery with solid state circuitry is operational immediately upon joining switch leads. All leads are 14" long.
Built-In Battery Test:Unit contains a sealed, built-in battery test indicator. Connection of battery test leads causes an indicator to glow through a window in the side of the unit.
Flexible Application: Small size, 4" L x 3/4 " Dia. permits easy installation or portability for most uses.
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